How to make concrete in Minecraft?

How to make concrete in Minecraft? What are the pros of using it?

Concrete is an important building material in Minecraft. It is a durable material that does not corrode or rust. Moreover, you can color it and design it in any way you want! Thus, you can use concrete to make spectacular structures in Minecraft. Mentioned below is a detailed guide on how to make concrete in Minecraft and how to use it for making buildings.

Concrete in Minecraft

Making concrete in Minecraft requires a variety of items in Minecraft including dyes, gravel, and sand. We have listed a step-by-step guide for acquiring each material.

Concrete in Minecraft
Concrete in Minecraft

Dye in Minecraft

Minecraft has dyes that come in a lot of different colors. There are sixteen possible dye options, and all of them are crafted in different ways, which have been listed down below.

Dye in Minecraft
Dye in Minecraft

Primary Dyes

White Dye

Get white dye by placing a bone in the crafting menu and getting three bone meals. The bonemeals are used as a white dye.

Rose Red Dye

Place either one poppy or red rose bush, or red tulip in the crafting grid to get the rose-red dye.

Dandelion Yellow Dye

You will need a dandelion or sunflower to make yellow dye via the crafting grid.

Brown Dye

Use cocoa beans directly as a brown dye.

Cactus Green Dye

Smelt cactus in a furnace to get the green dye.

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Blue Lapis Lazuli Dye

Mine lapis lazuli using a pickaxe and use it as a blue dye.

Black Dye

Ink sacs are used as black dyes! Simply get one by killing a squid. You do not need to craft it with anything to get the dye. Keep in mind that Ink Sacs are only available in Creative mode and not in Survival mode in the Pocket Edition.

Secondary Dyes

Light Grey Dye

Use oxeye daisy, azure bluet, and white tulip flowers to create the light grey dye. Simply place any one of the three flowers in your crafting grid to produce the dye. You can also place Two bone meals and one ink sac obtained by killing a squid to get three light gray dyes.

Gray Dye

Combine one bonemeal and one ink sac to produce two gray dyes in Minecraft.

Pink Dye

Get this by placing a pink tulip or peony in the crafting grid. Alternatively, place one bonemeal and one rose-red dye in the crafting menu to get the pink dye.

Orange Dye

Craft Orange Dye using orange tulips in the crafting menu. You can also make it using red and yellow dues in a 1:1 ratio.

Lime Dye

Use green dye and bonemeal and craft this dye.

Light Blue Dye

Use blue orchids in the crafting grid for making this dye. Alternatively, craft a lapis lazuli and bonemeal to get two light blue dyes.

Cyan Dye

Craft green dye and lapis lazuli dye to get the cyan dye.

Purple Dye

You need a lapis lazuli, and a red rose to make this.

Magenta Dye

Use lilac for making this. You can also use purple dye and pink dye in the crafting grid to get the magenta dye.

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Gravel in Minecraft

Gravel in Minecraft
Gravel in Minecraft

You can find gravel most easily by swimming to the bottom of seas and oceans and finding it on the ocean floors, also find large quantities of it in the Nether. You will also need a tool like a shovel for breaking gravel and collecting it. However, keep in mind that breaking gravel may turn it into flint! There is only a 10 percent chance of this happening. You can eliminate this risk by using the Silk Touch enchantment. Additionally, gravel can not be crafted in any way. You can only obtain it naturally!

Sand in Minecraft

In Minecraft world, you can get sand by finding a block of sand. You can probably find one close to a source of water. Now, dig up the sand with a tool like a shovel. Mine the block to get sand, and make sure to pick it up immediately, or else it will disappear! You can also get sand by trading an emerald with a wandering trader for eight sand and four red sand.

Sand in Minecraft
Sand in Minecraft

How to make Concrete in Minecraft?

Now that you have your concrete materials craft them together!

Firstly, craft concrete powder blocks. Do this by opening your crafting table and combining one dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks in the crafting grid. There is no specified pattern, and you can plan them in any order in the grid. After crafting them together, you will have a concrete powder block. You can create white concrete powder blocks, grey concrete powder blocks, or any other color blocks.

How to make Concrete in Minecraft?
How to make Concrete in Minecraft?

Now, turn concrete powder into concrete by adding water to it! You must drop the concrete powder in a body of water or place it close to a water supply source. You can also use a bucket for pouring water over the concrete powder. Now, wait while the concrete powder hardens and becomes a concrete block. Mine the hardened concrete block using a pickaxe before it disappears, or all your hard work will go to waste!

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If you are in a hurry to get a lot of concrete, simply place stacks of concrete powder next to a water source. They will simultaneously absorb the water and become concrete blocks that are ready for mining! However, keep in mind that rain and water bottles can not turn the concrete powder into concrete. Thus, do not expect heavy rainfall to magically transform all your powder into blocks of concrete.

Uses of Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete is used for various purposes in Minecraft. It comes in a variety of colors! Thus, you can make concrete in any color you want and create magical buildings. It is also very durable and not flammable.

Uses of Concrete in Minecraft
Uses of Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete is a hard building block, and Minecraft players globally love using it for creating structural masterpieces. 

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