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How to Remove Water in Minecraft

How to remove water in Minecraft?

How to remove water in Minecraft?

Minecraft, a sandbox game is popularly enjoyed by the players because it gives them the freedom to build whatever they want to without any limitation, only with the help of numerous blocks. The Minecraft game has developed a lot to give the players a realistic look and it is also further imitating physics. Many a time, the players find a problem while dealing with underwater builds and structures that require water because the water in Minecraft has a habit of logging in unwanted places. If you are wondering how to remove water in Minecraft, then this post is for you. In this article, we will discuss how the players can dispose of water in Minecraft. 

How to remove water in Minecraft?

How to remove water in Minecraft?

1. Replace the water source

Water in Minecraft has a tendency of spreading away in different directions from the actual source of water. This makes it extremely easy for the players to locate the source of water. Once the water source is located, stop the water from spreading in different directions. The same can be done using a solid block of water that will stop the flow of water. The water source in Minecraft can be easily found if it is a waterfall because you know that the water source is located at the top. However, if you are unable to find the water source location and wondering how to remove water in Minecraft, then look for the currents to identify the source of water. 

2. Use an empty bucket 

A bucket along with three iron ingots can be used for creating a V shape in a crafting table in Minecraft. For removing water using an empty bucket in the game, the player has to again locate the water source. Once the water source is located, right-click on it while holding the bucket in your hand. 

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3. Use a sponge 

The sponges present in Minecraft can be used to remove water in the Minecraft game. Sponge in the game can be found in the sponge rooms of ocean monuments. A sponge in the game is super powerful in a way because it has the capacity to absorb all the water in its seventh-block radius. Once the sponge is wet, it can be smelted in a furnace to get back a dry sponge and the process can be repeated. One can also use kelp, which is found extremely easily in the game for drying the sponge too. On basis of the easiest way to dry your sponge, use the thing that can dry the sponge with minimum effort. 

4. Use sand or gravel

The sand and gravel of Minecraft are different from other blocks because it is affected by gravity. The effect of gravity in sand and gravel in the game is such that, if the blocks under them are removed, they will fall too. This feature of sand and gravel can be used for removing waterlogged in a deep sea. For using this trick to remove water from the game, the player needs to spam the right-click button until the hole with the water is filled with sand or gravel. Later, when required the sand can be removed easily using a shovel. 

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Following this process is easy because the column that you fill with sand or gravel, keeps on sinking until the column is filled. Keep repeating the entire process for all the blocks from which you want to remove the water. 

 5. Lava

When lava available in the Minecraft game comes in contact with any water block, the water block turns into stone. Similarly, if the lava comes in contact with the water source, it becomes obsidian. Even though this method is not very practical in terms of how to remove water in Minecraft, it can prove to be helpful for sure. 

6. Fill the area and burn it down 

If you have been trying to find the location of the water source, but you are unable to find it. Then you can try the fill it up and burn it down technique. For doing the same, fill the area with water that you want to remove with flammable materials like wood, wool and leaves. While doing so ensure that around the area that you want to clear is not near any flammable materials. Once you have ensured it, use a flint and steel to light the flammable material to clear the water. The area will be then cleared in a manner that is not left with a single trace of water. 

How to remove water in Minecraft Using Commands?

How to remove water in Minecraft Using Commands?

Commands even though are advanced features can be used for removing water from Minecraft. For removing water in Minecraft, the player needs to use the ‘/fill’ command. Using this command, the player can replace or fill the blocks with whatever blocks that they want. Further, the players will need the coordinates: X, Y and Z. For knowing the coordinates, the first coordinate needs to represent one corner of the area from which the player wants to remove the water and then, move diagonally opposite corner to note the other coordinates. 

Afer the coordinates are identified, the Bedrock edition players need to type:

“/fill <first coordinates> <second coordinates> air o replace water” 

In the chat window of the game. However, it needs to be noted that this will only remove the water blocks from the coordinates that have been specified. 

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If you are a Java edition player then, you need to type,

“/fill <x1><y1><z1><x2><y2><z2> air replace water”

The only difference between both the command is that o is missing from the second command. 

All these different ways of removing water in Minecraft depends entirely upon the situation that you are in. Before deciding how to remove water in Minecraft, analyze your situation in the game and then, go ahead with the technique that best meets your requirement. The surrounding materials in the game can also prove to be very helpful in drying the area. Also, if you are looking forward to removing a single water source, you can also use torches. 

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