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Picrew – What is the Picrew TikTok Challenge And Trend All About?

Picrew- What is the Picrew TikTok Challenge And Trend All About?

Picrew- What is the Picrew TikTok Challenge And Trend All About?

The Picrew Tiktok Challenge has taken the internet by storm and broken several records overnight!

Picrew is an image maker that is used for creating customized life-like avatars, and people can’t stop obsessing over it! People from all around the world are making unique avatars of themselves and flaunting them over the popular social media platform TikTok. Sharing Picrew avatars has become a huge trend and millions of people are hooked on it! So how do you participate in the Viral Picrew TikTok Challenge? How do you create your custom avatar? What is this new craze over Picrew all about? Keep on reading to find out!

What is Picrew?

It has become one of the most used websites ever since it went viral on TikTok. The site allows people to create customized avatars of themselves as well as their friends. The doll-sized avatars have virtual texture and can be made to look like the animated version of any real-life person!

What is Picrew?

Picrew is a Japanese website and it offers users hundreds of features to customize their avatar. You can use their creative inventory to match your facial features exactly to your avatar. You can customize the nose, forehead, eyes, lips, face structure, hairline and so much more! Everything about your avatar can be changed; from the design to the format to the color! You can even opt for a random avatar generator. The system will choose a pre-made avatar for your usage!

Moreover, It is a free-to-use website! Thus, you can create unlimited avatars for free and make unlimited content! It is also a legitimate website that is completely safe. However, there is no mobile app or desktop app for the site.

How do I make it in English?

How do I make Picrew English?

Picrew is a Japanese site that offers its services in Japanese. Thus, people who can’t read the language can not easily navigate the services. Fortunately for some users, they get an option between viewing the site in Japanese or English as soon as they open the website in their browser. Thus, they can easily alter the language settings. However, most of us aren’t that lucky and we don’t get this option. In this scenario, there is only one way to make Picrew English. You must add google translate as an extension on your web browser. Next, open its website and you will get the option of google translate. Utilize the translator to change the language on Picrew from Japanese to English! Now you can enjoy all the content in English!

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What is the Picrew TikTok Trend?

The Picrew Tiktok Trend has taken over the internet with full force and millions of people love the challenge! The trend is unlike other trends we have seen in the past. It is very unique and exciting!

What is the Picrew TikTok Trend?

The Picrew Trend is a thrilling way of playing with avatars. People are using the Picrew website and designing an avatar for themselves. Simultaneously, they are asking a friend or partner to make an avatar of them on the website. Then, they make a TikTok video in which they show their avatar first and then the avatar of them that their friend designed! The trend is very funny as you can see a huge difference in the way you capture yourself and the way your friends capture you! Most people are giving their friends a bad hairline with a huge forehead that has the internet blowing up with laughter!

The short TikTok video is shared with followers and then people comment on whose avatar is more accurate- your friend’s or yours! It is a fun way to see the similarities and differences between the two avatars of the same person.

The Picrew TikTok Trend has blown up the internet and the #Picrew hashtag has 100.6 million views and counting!

How do you do the Picrew Challenge?

The Picrew Challenge is very easy to participate. Here is how to do the Picrew Challenge.

Open the website on your web browser.

You will get a bunch of options. The Girl Maker and OC Maker are the two most popular options. You do not need to sign up to begin designing your avatar.

How do you do the Picrew Challenge?

Customize the avatar based on your preference. Choose your eye shape, jaw shape, skin texture, face structure, eyebrows, and much more! You even get the option of using a paintbrush to make things more accurate like making your eyebrows thicker! You can even tweak your features a little to improve them!

The hairstyle choices and clothes choices are very diverse and you have a lot of options to choose from.

After you are done with your avatar’s customization, click on the green button! Your avatar is now ready to be shown to the world!

Save the photo of the avatar on your phone by downloading it or taking a screenshot.

Ask your friend or spouse to create an avatar of you as well! Save it on your phone.

Next, go to TikTok and create a short video. Add the two photos of the avatars in the video. You can add them through the effects icon. First, click on the effects icon then the trending tab followed by the download arrow. This will give you a green screen background and you can add your Picrew images from here.

You are all done and ready to share your fun Picrew Challenge video on TikTok!

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Most TikTokers first show their face, followed by the avatar designed by them. Then, they show the avatar that their friend designed!

Can I Use Picrew for Twitch?

Picrew allows people to share their avatars for non-commercial utilization. Thus, you can use the site for Twitch. You can share your customized avatar with the world as long as you are not selling it for money, as the site prohibits this.

Can I Use Picrew for Twitch?

Many people design various Picrew avatars that resemble anime, celebrities, or fantasy creatures! You can utilize them free of cost, but you must do it right!

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If you are using someone else’s Picrew avatar for Twitch or any other platform, you should seek the original creator’s permission. You should also give designing credits to the person and share the link to their Picrew.

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