6 Reasons Why Studying Online Beats Going to a Brick and Mortar College

Studying has changed a lot over the past few years. While getting a qualification used to mean going to your local college, or moving miles away and living in dorms, you can now get a quality education from the comfort of your home. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider studying online, and why it can suit many people more than the traditional brick and mortar college route.

1. You can enjoy a wider range of courses

Go to a brick and mortar college, and your list of majors is understandably going to be limited. This is fine if you want to study one of the most popular majors, but if you want to study something a little different, then studying online might be a better option than moving miles and miles away. You could even look at colleges in different countries to find a specialism that keeps you interested.

2. They are prestigious

When online colleges first became available, they didn’t have a great reputation, but in recent years they have become more prestigious. Many major colleges now offer their programs online, giving you a recognized qualification that looks great on your resume. Click here to find out more about online colleges. 

When you’re choosing colleges, look at online reviews and do some research to ensure you find one that’s certified and is going to give you a useful qualification.

3. They’re good value for money

The average graduate now owes nearly $29k upon graduating from a four-year college, and student debt is currently rising higher than wages. The problem with brick and mortar colleges is that it’s so expensive to attend, and debts can accumulate because of:

  • Fees
  • Living expenses such as rent for dorms and meal plans
  • Transport when commuting to college, as well as trips home
  • Textbooks and materials fees

While many students have part-time jobs, these usually only cover basic living expenses, which is why debts soon rack up. However, studying online can be much cheaper for many reasons. Fees are lower, you aren’t forced into expensive on-campus accommodation, and many of the resources are online rather than expensive books. 

However, the main thing that makes online college more affordable is that you can work full-time while you study. Many people who choose an online course do so because they already have a career and don’t want to step off the ladder to retrain, or they may have dependents and not be able to afford to go to college full-time, so this offers them an opportunity to study while still paying the mortgage.

4. You can enroll at any stage of life

Nobody is stopping you from going to your local college if you want to, but some older people find the thought of sharing a classroom with recent high school graduates is a little daunting. 

While the number of non-traditional students is on the rise, many people who work or have children can find the college experience challenging due to the hours you need to be away from home and the tight deadlines. Online college is suitable for all stages of your life, whether you’re 18 and taking your first degree, a parent, or retired and want to study at your own pace.

5. It’s suited to those who find traditional college difficult

There can be many reasons why a traditional college may not suit your needs. Whether it’s because of a disability, your learning style, or even the hours of lectures, there can be many reasons why people simply don’t fit with the old college model. Online college courses can be a way for you to study in a manner that suits you, so if you’ve already tried a brick and mortar college and not been able to graduate, this may be a way to finally get your degree.

6. It’s possible to work from anywhere with WiFi

Some areas of the USA can be quite remote, with the nearest college a long commute away, so it makes sense to study online rather than having to make long journeys every day. When you do your degree online, you can basically study from anywhere that has a WiFi connection. Like having some background noise? You can take your laptop to a coffee shop. Need complete quiet? Work from your bedroom with some noise-canceling headphones. 

If you would like to go to college, but think it’s not practical right now due to monetary issues or family commitments, then you may want to consider studying online so you can take your career to the next level.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


  1. Yes, also e-learning has several advantages over other types of training that could be implemented, for example:
    Availability – Always Available
    Ability to Refer to the Content
    No Physical Classroom Space Needed
    Ability to Reach Endless Students


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