7 Guaranteed Tips To Enhance Team Communication

Whether you’re running a business or leading a team, you know how important effective team communication is to achieve a common goal and improve productivity and success. However, enhancing your team’s communication is easier said than done, especially with the number of factors you need to consider, such as location and varying points of view. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to reinforce proper team communication.

Effective team communication can allow people to fully understand processes and improve engagement, in addition to building stronger relationships. To help you achieve these results, listed below are some guaranteed tips to enhance team communication:

Host Team Buildings

Sometimes, all your team members need a little push to encourage them to communicate. To break the ice and allow everyone to be comfortable with one another, you should consider hosting team buildings that enable them to get to know each other well. However, if you cannot accommodate outdoor or out-of-town team buildings, there are unusual indoor team-building activities you could try. Through these activities, you could help improve communication within your team.

7 Guaranteed Tips To Enhance Team Communication
7 Guaranteed Tips To Enhance Team Communication

Set Up One-On-One Calls

In team meetings, not everyone feels comfortable speaking up, especially if they plan to say anything personal or worry that others might not agree with their ideas. In this case, you should set up one-on-one calls so that you can effectively communicate with each team member, helping them to feel more at ease speaking. Asking for their concerns on specific matters and emphasizing how much you value their input on certain business-related issues may be helpful during this call.

Schedule Regular Updates

For your entire team, it’d be great if you could set meetings for regular updates to know how your projects are progressing and if there are any issues that everyone must address immediately. Each member can provide reports on their tasks, which will motivate them to actively participate in the meeting. Knowing what they need to do can give them the confidence to speak up during these calls.

Ideally, you should schedule your updates at least once towards the end or middle of the week. By doing this, you can learn enough about the status of your business and how much work needs to be completed before the month ends.

Encourage Team Breaks

Your team needs to take a break once in a while, especially if they are overworked. To help your employees unwind and reduce their stress, you might want to encourage them to take coffee or lunch breaks together. This way, you allow every team member to interact informally while still in an office setting. They can freely talk about anything they want, whether it’s work-related or anything personal. Doing this facilitates better communication and encourages your team members to build stronger bonds.

Plan Communication Trainings

Setting up communication training classes for your team members is a great method to enhance their skills. For instance, in teamwork skills training, each participant will be encouraged to communicate in group settings in order to understand how to manage team conflicts that can occur at work. They’ll also learn how to effectively interact with each other both in person and virtually. Depending on your course and program, it might also include training in managerial skills, business writing, or presentation. This should assist them in appropriately conducting themselves in any situation you put them in.

Choose The Right Team Leaders

Team leaders can aid in improving team communication since they are expected to listen actively and communicate well. They frequently serve as an inspiration for team members to uphold the organization’s values and goals. Additionally, they have the ability to encourage teams to provide responses to problems that are impeding their progress. This is why choosing a team leader who is credible and can foster communication among teammates is important.

Listen To Every Opinion

No one will attempt to speak if you don’t take the time to listen to your team members’ opinions and suggestions. Keep in mind that listening involves more than just hearing people out; it also entails evaluating their viewpoints and embracing those that can be advantageous for the team and the business. Not only does this promote communication, but it also helps your team members feel appreciated.


Enhancing team communication is important so you can allow for maximum productivity and success within the team. As was already stated, encouraging effective communication is easier said than done. But if you adhere to the advice given above, such as organizing team-building activities and having one-on-one calls, you can inspire everyone to speak up and make your team interactions more enjoyable and effective.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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