A Look for the Gold Stamp

Every piece of 24 karat gold you purchase will likely be stamped with a unique serial number. You will not likely be able to look up these numbers on the Internet, as there is no standard for how they are stamped. You will almost certainly be given a key to the city in which the necklace or ring is made, as well as a unique code that can be used to track the necklace or ring throughout the manufacturing process. If you are buying a wedding band, you will most likely be given the ring’s code during the wedding ceremony. However, if you are buying a chain, you will most likely receive the number during the manufacturing process.

Test for Impurities

Since gold is a very pure metal, it takes a practiced eye to tell the real thing from the replicas. One tip is to look for obvious signs of tarnish. Scuffs, scratches and minor chips can be ignored, but excessive wear and tear can be a dead giveaway. Look for nicks, cuts and gouges along the links. If a chain is made with a small amount of material added at either end to make it thicker, or where the links pass through a lug or rivet, it is likely not gold. Impurities, such as silver, can cause the metal to tarnish. While silver is not a perfect conductor of electricity, it does conduct heat well, so the presence of silver in a chain is a sure sign that the chain is not gold.

A Look for the Gold Stamp
A Look for the Gold Stamp

Check the Weight

The most important factor when testing a chain for weight is the weight of the person wearing it. While most people are comfortable wearing a lighter chain, those who are particularly heavy or have a fear of falling can feel extremely limited in the type of chain they can wear. If you are unsure how much weight you can safely wear, always ask your jeweler to test the weight for you. A good rule of thumb is: if you think you may fall, then it is too heavy for you.

The Material Should be Real 24 Karat

24 karat gold is durable and very resilient, so it is well suited to wear in everyday situations. However, if you plan on wearing your chain a lot, you should consider getting a thicker chain to ensure it lasts longer. A chain made from any other metal or alloy would likely wear quicker and be less secure when worn for prolonged periods of time.

The Chain Should Be Real 24 Karat

As noted above, there is no universal standard for how genuine a chain should feel when worn. However, if you pay attention to a few key details, you should be able to tell right away whether or not yours is made from real 24 karat gold. The first thing to check is the weight. A genuine 24 karat solid gold chain should feel heavy when you put it on. If you put a lighter chain on, it will likely feel too flimsy to you. You should also be able to feel the links when you are wearing the chain. If they feel like metal tendrils winding around your skin, it is likely not gold.

The Final Words

The beauty of fashion is that you can custom design your own collection of luxury pieces. Whether you are looking for classic or modern designs, you will be able to find the perfect piece for you in our huge range of luxury brands. If you are unsure how to tell if a chain is gold or not, just take a careful look at the links and see if they feel heavy or if they feel all silky and smooth. If you feel any tugging or pulling, or if the links appear to be made up almost entirely of other people’s money, then your new favorite accessory might be at risk of becoming another unwanted addendum to your wardrobe.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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