How Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova CEO is Satisfying Gen Z Shoppers

Many people have asked themselves this question: What do Gen Z shoppers want?

Owners of retail companies have often wondered what makes these shoppers tick. When they step outside their homes, what makes them decide to shop at a particular place? What are they most interested in?

Understanding the answers to these questions will make retail customers know the right things to include in their businesses and help them make more sales.

After interviews with several Gen Z shoppers in America, the New York Times arrived at the conclusion that “for every Greta Thurnberg skipping class to protest climate change, there is another Gen Z member shopping on their smartphones every day.”

In this article, we’ll be looking at how Richard Saghian, the CEO of the fast-fashion brand, Fashion Nova has been able to satisfy Gen Z shoppers around the world.

But first, let’s take a deeper look into the behavior of Gen Z shoppers.

What Do Gen Z Shoppers Want?

One of the teens interviewed by NYT says she started shopping immediately after she started getting her allowance. She had over 1500 followers and 500+ Snapchat story views, and she was interested in keeping the engagement on her posts.

Interviews with other Gen Z consumers show that they do not want something that will take all the money from their pockets, but they still want to look and feel good.
They want the same things the adults want (value, quality, convenience, etc.), but they want something different in delivery.

Gen Z customers want to make their online browsing experience unique to them. They want to have a personal connection with the brand. They expect the brand to respond to all their needs and want them to be authentic, transparent, relevant, and trustworthy.

An element of trust must be there, or else retail companies will not be able to keep this category of shoppers.

How Fashion Nova is Satisfying Gen Z Shoppers

You might have guessed that Fashion Nova will be one of the first stops for Gen Z consumers because they want something great at an affordable price. That’s very true.

1. Affordability

Judging by the behavior of Gen Z shoppers, we have come to understand that while they want something great and valuable, just like their parents, they also want these things to be very affordable. They don’t want to wear the same clothes twice a week, but they prefer not to have to rob a bank to satisfy their wants.

You’ll find some Fashion Nova pieces at $30, and some even less than that.

Shoppers can buy clothes, shoes, and other fashion items for so little. So, by keeping all their pieces very affordable, Fashion Nova is preserving its Gen Z consumers and increase their customer base.

2. Technology

Gen Z shoppers love technology; they are the technology natives. But, they don’t just want tech that does nothing. They want tech that provides value and removes every friction on their way. They want tech that can empower them, something that makes them get things done comfortably.

Fashion Nova provides just that. Fashion Nova shoppers can get everything they want by just going to the website. You don’t need to head to one of the five brick and mortar stores in LA. You can get everything done in a few clicks.
Shoppers want to be able to easily put items on their cart, get notified when there are new releases, and be able to get their items before they need them. Fashion Nova makes it so easy that you can order all you need on their website – and it’s a smooth and swift process.

3. Delivery

One thing Fashion Nova made sure of is that it is consistent with its delivery. The inventory is always updated. You’ll see what clothes are available and which ones and still in stock, and they never make it so difficult to find what you’re looking for.

Another good thing is that Fashion Nova is always producing new styles. So, Gen Z shoppers never run out of things to get on the site. In a week, the brand releases 600 to 900 new collections, and they’re ready for sale immediately after. This provides a wide assortment of shopping for Gen Z consumers.

So, they never have to wear the same clothes twice, and they are always putting on something trendy. They get to rock the latest pieces for very affordable prices.

4. Personalized Shopping Experience

Fashion Nova is one of the top fashion brands in the world that has nailed personalized shopping experience. For this reason, it was the most Googled fashion brand in 2018, beating huge luxury fashion brands like Givenchy, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Versace.

One of the ways Fashion Nova has personalized shopping experience is by giving its shoppers recommendations when shopping (based on what they like) and using intelligent technology that does predictive analytics, automatic product tagging, and near real-time inventory management.

They also boost sales by posting photos from Instagram on their product pages, so that people can see how the clothes will look on them.

Fashion Nova is one of the most favorite brands for Gen Z shoppers, and Richard will keep coming up with more ways to improve their services and satisfy the consumers.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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