Nerdle Answer Today – As of (May 21, 2022)

What is the Nerdle Solution as of May 21, 2022? Read the Nerdle Answer Today in our Nerdle Guide given down below!

Nerdle is an emerging successful mathematical game and millions of players from all around the world absolutely love it. The game is a spin off version of Wordle and created by a Reddit Wordle fan. The game is exciting, puzzling and challenging! Thus, be prepared for some serious head scratching before diving into the arithmetic world of Nerdle! The game makes use of numbers and symbols to make revising maths a bit more fun for players! If you too are interested in the game, then keep on reading to find out everything there is to know about Nerdle including the latest Nerdle answer of May 21, 2022. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can get answers for future dates!

What is Nerdle Game?

After Wordle, Nerdle game is the next big sensational game to hit the internet! It is a spin off of the former game that replaces letters and words with numbers and equations! Thus, if you’re a mathematics enthusiast, we are sure you will love this game! Regular people who are into challenges and testing their brain power are also sure to enjoy the game and come back each day for their daily dose of fun maths!

What is Nerdle Game?
What is Nerdle Game?

Nerdle is a fan made version of Wordle made by TheMann0707, a Reddit user. It is a daily math game that tests your mathematical and arithmetic skills in a fun manner! It follows more or less the same rules as Wordle. You have six chances for solving a puzzle every single day. It is completely free and you can access the game from your web browser easily.

However, instead of a 6×6 grid, Nerdle makes use of an 8×6 grid. Thus, you have six chances to guess an eight worded equation. The equation is made up of numbers and mathematical symbols like +,-, *, and /. You must guess the mystery equation within eight guesses to complete the daily challenge. However, this can seem a little tough if you don’t know how to play the game. Thus, we have shared the daily Nerdle solution and answers in our guide.

How do you Play Nerdle?

Nerdle has the same fundamental rules as Wordle. It has its own designated website; It is the only authentic source to play the game so make sure you only use it. There is no app available for the mathematical game. Hence, don’t waste your time looking for it on the play store or app store.

How do you play Nerdle?
How do you play Nerdle?

To solve the Nerdle challenge;

  1. Digits and Arthimetic Symobols: Use digits from 0-9 along with the basic arithmetic symbols, + for addition, – for subtraction, * for multiplication and / for division. (You will have six guesses to discover the mystery equation.)
  2. Make a Random Guess: The first step to solving the puzzle is to make a random guess using digits and symbols. (The game will give you colored feedback on your equation in the same manner as Wordle!)

It is important to keep in mind that you can not entire a random nonsense equation! Your equation must follow the laws of maths and meet all of them! It should be mathematically sound and logical!

Hence, Nerdle really tests your basic maths knowledge! However, don’t get worried! The maths rules are not complex; there is no algebra, calculus, or angles involved! You only need to know the basic DMAS rule and you are good to go!

Simply enter equations and make use of colored hints that Nerdle gives you to discover the unknown equation and complete the daily challenge.

Remember that an equation is incomplete without a = symbol! Thus, don’t forget to add it to your guess as it won’t be accepted without it.

What is the Classic Nerdle Answer Today? As of May 21, 2022

The Classic Nerdle is the original Nerdle with a grid of 8×8. Players get eight chances to figure out an 8 digit equation! It is also a daily puzzle and gets updated every day at 12 AM GMT.

Hint for Classic Nerdle

Hint for Classic Nerdle for May 21, 2022 is:

💡 9, 9, 7, -, =, 7, 1, 6

The Classic Nerdle Answer Today for May 21, 2022 is:

⭐ 96 – 17 = 79

Cassic Nerdle Answer Today
Cassic Nerdle Answer Today

What is the Mini Nerdle Answer Today? As of May 21, 2022

Mini Nerdle works exactly like Nerdle! However, it is more specifically designed for people who get intimated by maths. In mini nerdle, the grid is reduced to 6×6. Thus, you have to guess a six numbered equation instead of an eight numbered one in six chances! This is less daunting and scary. Thus, if you are a beginner who is totoo scared to play Nerdle, check out its twin- mini nerdle! Finding the solution for this mini version is way easier!

To play mini nerdle;

Simply go to the Settings option on the Nerdle Website. You will get the option for playing Mini Nerdle. Select it and the grid will change to 6×6.


Hint for Mini Nerdle for May 21, 2022 is given down below! You can use it to figure out the equation for today.

💡 1, 4, +, =, 2, 8

The Mini Nerdle Answer Today for May 21, 2022 is:

4 + 8 = 12

What is the Instant Nerdle Answer Today? As of May 21, 2022

Instant Nerdle is yet another exciting way of testing your math skills! It is basically Nerdle but for social media platforms. Instant Nerdle can also be saved to play offline! The official Nerdle social media page shares a daily Instant Nerdle. You can play it to have some mathematical fun.

Instant Nerdle is very easy! It gives you all the options in your challenge equation already! Thus, you know all the digits. However, you do not know their placement! Thus, you have to try to figure out the right position of each digit by rearranging them. There is also a timer that measures how much time it takes you to figure out the right answer!

Instant Nerdle answers are usually shared in the comments section by players! Thus, you can check the answer on Nerdle’s official Facebook or Twitter page.

Hint and Instant Nerdle Answer Today

The correct Nerdle Answer Today solution for Instant Nerdle for May 21, 2022 is,

⭐ 9 – 56 / 7 = 1

What is the Speed Nerdle Answer Today? As of May 21, 2022

If you want to add a little more spice to your Nerdle Challenge, opt for the Speed Nerdle Challenge. In this mode, there is a timer. Thus, you must solve your equation within a short period of time! Additionally, the first line is done for you. Hence, you now have five attempts instead of six attempts. You have to think as fast as possible as you’re short on time and guesses.

Moreover, this version of Nerdle has penalties. You get a 10 second penalty upon reaching the fourth row of guesses. Similarly, the penalty is increased to 20 seconds once you reach the fifth row. The penalty is further increased to 30 seconds upon reaching the sixth row. Finding the nerdle solution in this game mode is going to be a very hard task!

Hint and Speed Nerdle Answer Today

Today’s Nerdle Answer for Speed Nerdle for May 21, 2022,

⭐ 4 – 7 + 11 = 8

Nerdle Answer Archive

Given below is a List of the Nerdle Answers for May 20, 2022 excluding today’s equation.

  • 20th May 2022 – 99 * 4 = 396
  • 19th May 2022 – 49 – 9 * 5 = 4
  • 18th May 2022 – 18 / 6 + 6 = 9
  • 17th May 2022 – 5 * 49 = 245
  • 16th May 2022 – 14 + 46 = 60
  • 15th May 2022 – 98 – 19 = 79 
  • 14th May 2022 – 74 + 25 = 99
  • 13th May 2022 – 6 * 5 / 15 = 2
  • 12th May 2022 – 7 * 82 = 574
  • 11th May 2022 – 357 / 7 = 51
  • 10th May 2022 – 44 – 5 * 7 = 9
  • 9th May 2022 – 9 + 6 * 4 = 33
  • 8th May 2022 – 5 * 4 – 4 = 16
  • 7th May 2022 – 75 – 9 * 8 = 3
  • 6th May 2022 – 12 / 6 + 7 = 9
  • 5th May 2022 – 8 – 13 + 6 = 1
  • 4th May 2022 – 2 * 6 * 1 = 12
  • 3rd May 2022 – 12 / 1 / 3 = 4
  • 2nd May 2022 – 57 – 19 = 38
  • 1st May 2022 – 51 – 6 * 8 = 3
  • 30th April 2022 – 22 – 8 – 9 = 5
  • 29th April 2022 – 15 – 6 – 3 = 6
  • 28th April 2022 – 22 – 8 – 9 = 5
  • 27th April 2022 – 35 – 16 = 19
  • 26th April 2022 – 33 / 3 – 6 = 5
  • 25th April 2022 – 5 * 7 – 30 = 5
  • 24th April 2022 – 3 * 45 = 135
  • 23rd April 2022 – 96 – 43 = 53
  • 22nd April 2022 – 3 * 92 = 276
  • 21st April 2022 – 10 + 1 – 8 = 3
  • 20th April 2022 – 34 + 37 = 71
  • 19th April 2022 – 1 * 9 * 9 = 81
  • 18th April 2022 – 21 / 7 * 3 = 9
  • 17th April 2022 – 55 + 12 = 67
  • 16th April 2022 – 94 – 65 = 29
  • 15th April 2022 – 114 / 57 = 2
  • 14th April 2022 – 27 + 11 = 38
  • 13th April 2022 – 6 * 8 + 6 = 54
  • 12th April 2022 – 76 – 57 = 19
  • 11th April 2022 – 5 * 7 + 7 = 42
  • 10th April 2022 – 268 / 4 = 67
  • 9th April 2022 – 54 / 9 / 3 = 2
  • 8th April 2022 – 10 + 45 = 55
  • 7th April 2022 – 8 * 5 – 37 = 3
  • 6th April 2022 – 1 * 14 – 9 = 5
  • 5th April 2022 – 163 + 15 = 78
  • 4th April 2022 – 8 * 4 – 1 = 31
  • 3th April 2022 – 31 * 9 = 279
  • 2nd April 2022 – 99 – 49 = 50
  • 1st April 2022 – 100 – 2 = 98

FAQs about the Nerdle Game

Is Nerdle a daily game?

Nerdle is a daily game just like its inspiration game Wordle. The equation in the challenge is renewed every day and it is the same for players all around the world on a given date. For example, if today’s wordle equation is, it will be the same for everyone globally, regardless of which city and continent you live in. Additionally, there is only one new puzzle per day.

Can you Make your Own Nerdle Game?

Fans may be surprised to know that they can make their own Nerdle! Players can design a unique random equation and share it with their friends.

1. Simply open the website
2. Next, make your own Nerdle! You can use any number from 0-to 9 and any operation from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division!
3. The equation can be as long or as short as you want. You can even increase or decrease the number of chances your friends get per nerdle!
4. Once you have designed your equation, click the Create option. A link for your needle will appear.
5. Simply copy it and share it with your friends and enjoy fun nerdles together!

Can you make your own Nerdle?

What is Pro Nerdle?

Pro Nerdle is yet another exceptional feature of Nerdle. It allows you to create equations as well as play the equations designed by your friends. Simply copy and paste the game code of the puzzle designed by your friends into the search bar to open up your custom nerdle!

Pro Nerdle makes the game even more fun as you can now enjoy designing and playing custom made equations. You can increase or decrease the level of difficulty according to your liking in pro nerdle.

What is pro Nerdle?

At what time does Nerdle Reset?

Nerdle resets at a particle time all around the world at 12 AM Greendwich Mean Time (GMT). Thus, if it is 12 AM EST for you, the game still won’t reset! This is because the time must always be past 12 AM GMT for you to get your hands on a new daily challenge. The World of Nerdle follows a specific standard time and it is not affected by other time zones.

What are Nerdle Rules?

We have broken down all the Nerdle rules for you down below:

1. The guesses are calculations.
2. Use any number from 0-9 and any of the +,-,/, and * symbols.
3. Your equation must have a = sign!
4. The rules of DMAS apply in Nerdle. Thus, your equation should be correct according to the maths rules.
5. Commutative answers are allowed! For instance, if the Nerdle for the day is 20+50=70, even 50+20=70 is accepted.

However, you can turn off the commutative answers option from the settings to make the game more challenging.

What are Nerdle Rules?

What are Digits, Symbols, and Equation in Nerdle

Nerdle works based on Numbers and Symbols which are given to you at the bottom of the grid. You can use the addition sign +, the multiplication sign -, the division sign / or the subtraction sign – in your equation. Combine the numbers and symbols with a = sign to complete your equation. Only irrational and illogical equations are unaccepted. Even decimals and powers are not accepted. Thus, you can only use integers and whole numbers.

How many Nerdle Challenges can you play a day?

What do Green, Purple, and Black mean on Nerdle?

Nerdle accepts partially correct equations along with completely correct ones. It has a standard color scheme to let you know which digits and symbols from your guess are right and which are wrong. The color scheme includes green, purple, and black colors, and here is what each color means.

Green – If the box lights up in green, it means your digit or symbol is in the right place in the equation.

Purple – If the box becomes purple in color, it means your digit or symbol is present in the equation but at a different location.

Black – If the color changes from grey to black, this means the number is incorrect and is not a part of the Nerdle equation.

What do Green, Purple, and Black mean on Nerdle?

How to make a “guess” on Nerdle?

Nerdle relies on deduction by reduction! This is the main strategy for solving the daily puzzles. Mentioned below are a few tips and tricks for making the right Nerdle guesses.

  • Use unique numbers to make the most out of your first two guesses.
  • Deduct the black numbers and symbols while trying to figure out the correct position of the purple numbers and symbols. Leave the green ones unchanged.
  • If your commutative order option is turned out, Nerdle won’t accept your correct answer if the order is wrong. For example, if the answer is 32+10=42 and you enter 10+32=42, your answer will be marked incorrect. Thus, your answers need to be in the correct order to complete the challenge.

How to make a “guess” on Nerdle?

Does Nerdle Repeat Numbers?

Numbers and symbols repeating is very common in Nerdle. This is because there are only 9 digits and 4 symbols. Thus, Nerdle does not have a lot of options so it keeps repeating the numbers and symbols.

If the correct equation has two ones, Nerdle will give the appropriate colored feedback to both. So If they both are in the correct spot, it will show both 1’s in green boxes. If one 1 is in the right place and the other is in the wrong box, the former 1 will be green and the latter will be purple.

Similarly, if both 1s are in the wrong positions, they will appear in purple boxes. Alternatively, if there is only one 1 in the correct equation and you have entered two 1s in your equation, Nerdle will color one green/purple and the other black. This will show you that there is only one 1 in the daily challenge equation.

Does Nerdle repeat Numbers?

How to Share Nerdle?

Sharing Nerdle occurs in the same way as sharing Wordle. A share button is present on the pop-up of your score result. Click on the button and select whichever social media platform you desire! You can choose Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media site you want!

A grid of your scoreboard will be shared. It contains the number of guesses you entered and the colored feedback on each guess.

On a PC, you will need to copy the scoreboard picture to your clipboard. Then, go to your Social Media account and press CTRL+V in the empty text box. The image will be pasted into the box and you can easily share the results of your Nerdle.

How to share Nerdle?

How many Nerdle Challenges can you play a day?

Being a daily challenge game, Nerdle offers only one challenge per day to its players, you get a new puzzle every single day. However, you can play one game of each type of Nerdle every day.

Thus, you can play one game of Classic Nerdle, one of Mini Nerdle, one of Instant Nerdle, and so on! Simply choose your desired Nerdle from the settings option on Nerdle’s main page.

How many Nerdle Challenges can you play a day?

Does Nerdle have a Negative Answer?

Nerdle does not have any negative answers! The Nerdle equation does not begin with a negative integer. Additionally, the number after the equals to sign is never negative! Thus, the following equation will never be a part of nerdle: -8 + 3 = -5

Does Nerdle have a Negative Answer?


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