Old and new solutions to cope with the stresses and strains of the last 12 months

You do not need reminding how trying the last year has been, and while things are starting to look up across several parts of the globe, you could well be correct in assuming the light at the end of the tunnel is quite a long way off.

With all of this going on, you need to find new ways to de-stress and unwind and keep a grip on your physical and, more importantly, your mental wellbeing so that you can emerge from the current crisis more determined than ever. However, in the last 12 months, you might feel like you have exhausted every opportunity and tried every distraction.

If this is you, and you cannot face another round of baking or sitting down for the next ‘must watch’ series on one of the streaming services, then here are some things you might not have thought of. A couple are really quite new, but the first few are most definitely ‘old school.’

Old school solutions

In the age of smartphones and everything being virtual, the idea of picking up a pair of knitting needles or a crochet hook might seem ridiculous. But, even in the digital age, these two pastimes are as popular are ever. You will quickly find that they are not just for Grandma, and we are way past the stage where kitting was for ‘ladies only.’

Also on the old school list are journaling (the new name for keeping a diary) and scrapbooking, which should tick just about every box if you are a more arty type. Doing something creative is proven to help with stress levels, and putting your feelings down on paper, whether it be in words or more abstractly, can help combat anxiety.

Newer solutions

Our phones and tablets can be more useful than watching Netflix or doomscrolling through the latest round of bad news. It can also offer escapism in the form of online gaming, where there should be something for everyone.

In the same way that knitting was not just for your Gran, gaming is not just for kids. Yes, there are plenty of games that cater to what you might consider a ‘gamer,’ but the vast majority of games are aimed at people just like you.

These can range from matching three fruits or pieces of candy to a simulation where you are put in charge of a virtual burger bar, farm, or even an entire island. If this is not for you, you can play online slots at sites like ca.allslotscasino.com on your phone or tablet and turn it off whenever you want.

A few final thoughts

If you thought that you had tried everything in the last 12 months as a distraction from what was going on, hopefully this article has given you some further ideas. By combining a few old-school solutions like knitting and scrapbooking with some online slots or running your virtual farm, it might give you the perfect blend to keep your mind in a good place.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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