10 Tricks to Great Leadership

There is always a need for great leadership in the workplace for team building and work management. Good leadership is all about improving work efficiency and enhancing performance objectives and goals.  There are times when leaders lack the strength to move ahead with their team and believe in fulfilling their ends.

An effective leader is a backbone of the good team. He should inspire his team and sort out their problems and achieve targets successfully. To provide the right direction and motivation, the great leader should have strong decision-making style, strong communications, better management and flexible skills.

To enhance your great leadership needs, we need to opt for following tricks to achieve our defined goals. These activities are based on various themes and vary accordingly:

On Board

In this activity, participants are required to build a boat from wood, newspaper, cloth or any other material and they should stand on it. Gradually, the pieces should be removed and the team should strive to stand on the thinning space as much as possible. This activity would help you learn all about communication, problem solving and analytical skills.


In this game, one of the participants is blindfolded and another person using a specified communication method such as left, right, forward and backward guides the blindfolded participant through the minefield which is full of obstacles. This game enhances communication skills and builds trust.

The Icebreaker

In order to break the tension and conflicting situations, this activity encourages the participant to discuss, contribute and connect. Participants must come up with questions in general and find those participants who meet the exact criteria. The one who answers quickly wins the game and helps in developing interpersonal skills and communication.

Role Models

This is an interesting game, as participants are divided into numerous groups and discuss their leader and asked various reasons for their admiration. Through group discussions, you will come to know the desirable qualities of a leader.

Round Tables

There are four tables and each table is set up for different task. A team leader defines the task and each table is timed to complete the task. This activity shows leadership skills.

Story Sequences

In this activity, participants are requested to make a unified story from sequential pictures in the correct manner as it helps people learn about tolerance, communication and patience.

Building the Highest Tower

Participants make the highest tower from the readily available items for instance toothpicks, newspapers, match sticks etc., to learn about problem solving and collaboration matters.

Team Concentration

Participants are divided into two lines, and one line turns around and gives few minutes to other line to swap things with each other. Then the first line has to identify the changes made in the other group. Such exercise defines memory retention and enhances team spirit.

Plane Crash Story

Based on imagination, participants pretend that they are on a plane and it has crashed on a deserted island, now they have to pick and choose items from workplace and do something for their survival. It shows problem solving ability.

These interesting tricks can help you learn about leadership skills and much more.

Sadia Maqsood
Sadia Maqsood
Sadia Maqsood is the author of training and personal development blog. She usually writes about leadership training and problem solving and decision making training course. You can also follow her on Twitter @ikluae to get in touch with upcoming training.



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