20 Best Couchtuner Alternatives that Might Interest You for 2022

Couchtuner is one of the widely used app for watching television series, movies and listening songs. As the streaming industry undergoes rapid expansion, there has been significant growth in streaming apps. An increasing number of individuals have turned to alternatives to streaming giants such as Netflix and Hulu.

Since after the introduction of high membership fees on different streaming sites, people started looking for Couchtuner alternatives. You do not need to worry because there are many other websites which can give you the latest content and if you are looking for other such apps, have a look on these Couchtuner alternatives.

In no order of prioritization, the best options for Couchtuner that can help our readers get their daily entertainment fix. Here is a list of 20 such Couchtuner alternatives that can help you watch your desired shows on best movie streaming sites.

20 Couchtuner Alternatives

1. Cucirca

An alternative to Couchtuner, Cucirca is a free site that helps you watch your favourite T.V shows online. If you’ve been on the hunt for an application that focuses solely on T.V shows, Cucirca is the right pick for you! Furthermore, the minimal user interface of the application makes for really convenient use, and users can utilize it without creating an account.

2. The Series Online

Contrary to what this website’s name suggests, The Series Online is, quite simply put, a hub of entertainment. For users on the hunt for a website that focuses on both TV shows and movies, The Series Online is the way to go. Not only does the website offer an extensive searching option to users, but the wide range of movies it offers is also frequently updated. As the name suggests it not only has got TV series content but also movies that can provide ease to the users searching their content and the best Couchtuner Alternative.

3. Café Movie

Through a well-organized website and a beautiful interface, Café Movie brings to its users a plethora of spectacular movies and shows to choose from. In addition to being very easy-to-use, Café Movie also lines up with Couchtuner alternatives, since both of them don’t cost a single penny.

4. Show Box

A rather mysterious application, which needs to be downloaded directly from their website, rather than the App Store and Google’s Play Store- Show Box, is, in several ways, the perfect alternative to Couchtuner. Not only is it completely free, but Show Box also allows users to get their daily entertainment fix, which includes their favorite movies and TV shows, on their smartphones. However, if a user wishes to install Show Box, they can resort to installing Blue Stacks beforehand, and enjoy streaming on their laptops or desktops. 

5. Select TV

Unlike a wide majority of our picks here, Select TV requires payment, which makes it a tad bit different from the completely free Couchtuner alternative. Although it is not an alternative, Select TV offers users an upgrade to a complete entertainment package, for a low price of 2$ annually, only comprises of TV shows, music, movies, radio channels and games! Moreover, Select TV hosts an arsenal of popular television shows, movies, and music- that equips users with the ability to get their entertainment fix from one place, with a relative amount of ease, without having to compromise on their budgets. 

6. Series Craving

Bearing similarity to almost all of the picks that we have included here, Series Craving is another amazing website, which allows users access to a multitude of movies and shows, without costing them a single penny. Based on an exclusive design that makes for extremely effective scrolling, and provides users with all the latest shows and movies. Series Craving is the site designed exclusively for the TV shows and series. For all the series lovers you can find the latest episodes of your favourite shows here.

7. CMoviesHD

This is an amazing alternative to Couchtuner. The site provides you with the latest movies, TV series and that too of the genre of your own taste be it action, biography, documentary or a thriller and many more. CMovies HD an unknown website that hosts a plethora of entertainment content across a wide variety of genres, including action, biography, documentary, or a thriller, is none other than CMoviesHD. Not only does the website offer an amazing alternative to Couchtuner, but it also comes in handy for individuals on a budget, since it is absolutely free.

8. Watch Episode

For our readers who are bent on their hunt on a Couchtuner alternative that focuses on television shows, Watch Episode is the best pick there is! With the website Watch Episode, users can browse through a plethora of content that is handpicked and curated for television audiences. In addition to being a completely free website, Watch Episode also allows users to watch content from way back to the 1960s. In addition to all of these specs, the Watch Episode includes the Top 10 list, which is frequently updated and allows users to enjoy the latest content. 

9. Project Free TV

Based on a minimal user interface, Project Free TV is on the simpler spectrum of websites and provides users a clean-cut platform to stream movies and shows on. Free from any flashy graphics, or flashy images, Project Free TV is exactly what the website’s name suggests. Mainly, Project Free TV provides users a means to navigate streaming sites, by providing the main links and links that can reach the specific content that the user wishes to see.


Iwannawatch is a site like Couchtuner. With a clean-cut user interface, along with a minimum number of advertisements and pesky pop-ups, the website IWANNAWATCH is a perfect alternative to Couchtuner and offers all of the best features of an entertainment site.

11. Tubi TV

Another application that offers users a curated collection of both old and new movies and TV shows is Tubi TV. Although Tubi TV requires users to sign up in the beginning, it is well worth it, since it hosts a great entertainment collection. Also the site provides old movies along with the new movies and TV series.

12. Netflix

Despite having mentioned at the beginning of the article that Netflix and Hulu are amongst one of the biggest streaming giants today- their claim to the top of the streaming totem pole is quite justified. For the meagre price of $11.96/ month, Netflix users virtually gain entry into an entirely new entertainment spectrum- with access to any genre of their liking, including comedies, documentaries, thrillers, etc. Moreover, users can access their Netflix accounts, from a wide variety of devices, including their smart television sets, smartphones, laptops, etc.

13. The Dare TV

Another website with a layout similar to Couch tuner, The Dare TV hosts an attractive selection of movies and shows for users to choose from. Furthermore, if you have a knack for sports, you will be surprised to find that the website offers links to live sports streaming as well.

14. Movie 4 U

While searching for your favorite movies and TV shows, you have to visit the esteemed couchtuner alternative website Movie4U. The content doesn’t need to be downloaded, which implies you are just one click away from your favorite show or movie.

15. Putlocker

Just like Couch tuner, Putlocker is a free website that prides itself on a user-friendly interface. The website has an attractive appearance and can be used to enjoy browsing several movies and shows.

16. Hulu

Another streaming giant that offers excellent content such as the adaptation of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,”- Hulu is the site that provides you a detailed account of all upcoming movies, be it their releasing dates or the cast. However, you need to pay 11.99$ per month to enjoy a plethora of excellent entertainment content without being bombarded by pesky advertisements.

17. MMovies HD

Similar to Couchtuner, MMoviesHD doesn’t cost anything and is free for users. Users can leverage this free website by accessing the wide variety of entertainment content available, which spans across multiple genres.

Furthermore, you can watch old and new movies by searching in their catalog provided as Popular, Top Rated, This Year, etc.

18. Watch Online Series

If you are on the lookout for the highest quality of online streaming, you need to visit Watch Online Series, where your favorite shows are just one click away. As the name suggests, Watch Online Series focuses exclusively on TV shows and offers the smooth streaming of television shows. 

19. Popcornflix

With a name-bearing a resemblance to Netflix, Popcornflix offers both Android and IOS users the best of the entertainment world. If you are someone who prefers to watch movies without waiting for them to buffer, Popcornflix is the way to go! Not only does the app host a wide variety of movies and shows, but the content can also be downloaded and accessed remotely, without an internet connection.

20. Primewire

Primewire unique feature of presenting you the genre-wise collection of movies saves the time of users without the need for searching their type of entertainment content through a whole list of movies. Similarly to Couchtuner, Primewire is free, and a budget-friendly entertainment option.

At the end of the article, we can only hope that we’ve presented to our readers the availability of Couchtuner alternatives. We also hope that you liked our collection of these 20 best Couchtuner alternatives which you can give a try and opt the best site according to your choice and easy on hand use and may enjoy their entertainment.

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Alisia Watson
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