3 Things the Coronavirus Crisis (Should Have) Taught the World


People get sick pretty often. The sniffles, the sore throat, the diarrhea you sometimes get are all infections. Some of them are bacterial, others, viral. Some infections are mild, others, more serious – this is when people go to the emergency room and are often hospitalized. Many infectious diseases have cures or treatments – bacteria respond pretty well to broad-spectrum antibiotics, and there are drugs that can help in the case of viral and other infections. But prevention beats every treatment – this is the first lesson the current public health crisis should have taught the world. 

No matter if it’s a new ebola outbreak or the common cold, avoiding being infected is the best way to avoid disease and everything that comes with it – extended downtime, expensive healthcare, and everything else. 

The importance of prevention is, in turn, just one of the many things the coronavirus crisis has – or better said, should have – taught the world.

Working remotely… works

Millions of people around the world waste hours to go to an office and do a job that they could very well do from their home computers. Companies, in turn, were reluctant to accept this reality… until they were forced to. With the emergence of the novel coronavirus, millions of workers around the world found themselves the possessors of a brand new home office. 

Remote work has its downsides but it also comes with many advantages that are huge in our rushing world. The time – and stress – saved by not having to struggle through urban traffic, looking for a parking space, eating often unhealthy food on a lunch break that’s too short, and doing it all again in reverse on the way home is worth it. 

According to some statistics, almost a third of all jobs in the US could be done remotely full-time yet before the pandemic, only about 4% of the workforce was allowed to work remotely. Now, it seems, the stigma surrounding remote work has been lifted, hopefully meaning that even when this is all over, many more people will be able to do their job from a home office.

Essential work

The current public health crisis has shown us how important health professionals – doctors, nurses, paramedics – are in our society. But it also shed some light on other important jobs that people tend to not even notice when things are normal: retail workers, cashiers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, and their likes. 

When going out to the grocery store can literally mean exposing yourself to a virus that currently doesn’t have a cure or a vaccine, deliverymen and warehouse workers are way more important than you’ve ever thought.

The internet is invaluable

A meme circulating online has really made a point – imagine if the same happened in the early 1990s when all you had was a Nokia 3110 and broadcast TV. The internet is an invaluable tool and a platform that provides us with countless entertainment options, not to mention all the knowledge it allows us to access.

We should really appreciate it more and keep it accessible and open to everyone – as a tool for fun, for learning, and for doing business, of course.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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