3 Tips on how to improve your customers’ experience

It is important to keep your customers happy and to entice them back to your business to buy more. Being able to offer an upsell option to any customer can really boost your earnings, and if they are happy, they will purchase more. However, if your customers or potential customers do not have a positive experience with your business, you will never get the chance to make that offer. 

#1 Ensuring your website is totally user friendly

It is highly recommended that you have your website designed by a professional web design company so that your website will give the most accurate representation of your business and that it gives your potential customer the correct impression. You must remember that your website is probably the first main connection your potential customers have with your business, and those first impressions last.

Having a website that does not fit well with the type of business you are running will cause confusion, your potential customers may not feel that your website is legitimate or that they have simply been sent to the wrong site, and they will lose any interest they had in purchasing from you.

If your website is not easy to navigate, your potential customer will not waste time looking for where they should click next. They will take their business elsewhere. This is also true of a slow-loading website. Slow loading can be due to having large data files, such as pictures, which are just too big and will slow the loading time down considerably. Any visitors will get bored and will simply click away.

Make sure that your website is easy to read and follow and that it is not overly technical unless you are solely looking to sell to people who will have the knowledge of the terminology you are using. Using overly technical jargon can put the layman off, and make your potential customer feel uneducated or stupid rather than impressing them. This is not a good frame of mind to have your potential customer in as nobody likes to be talked down to.

#2 Taking full advantage of a Customer Relationship Management platform

A Customer Relationship Management or CRM platform is a must-have for every business that is serious about building and maintaining their customer relationship. Using a CRM platform to connect with your customers can make life so much easier than doing it without.

By using a CRM platform within your business, you can organize your client contacts, automate tasks, track deals, as well as manage your team’s projects, to name just a few of the many advantages.

Keeping records of contacts made with your customers is a must, especially if you want to either sell more to customers who have already purchased from you, or you have an ongoing connection with them. The last thing you want to do is send your customers multiple messages that are identical, especially if it is not relevant to your customer or your customer has already responded. Using a CRM platform will stop this from occurring and will keep your business looking professional. 

#3 Giving your customers something back

Sometimes, improving a customer’s experience can be as simple as putting a personalized handwritten note in with their order saying thank you for their custom, but for others, you may have to go that bit further. You can do this by providing a branded free gift – it does not have to be much, but just saying thanks can go a long way. 

You may find that it beneficial to reward your new customers with branded free gifts and then entice them to buy more with money-off vouchers or other free gifts.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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