4 Kind of Post you must Publish if you Run a University Blog


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Universities need blogs. Apart from these platforms marketing the college, they are a nice way of informing students about what they should know. However, it is not easy to come up with content every week. 

Do you have a university blog and are wondering about the type of content that you should include to attract a wide readership? Here are the best ideas for your prosperity and success in university blogging:

1. Available Internships and Cool Work-Study Jobs

College is not all about going to the scheduled classes. In addition to completing the assignments, students need to build their career profiles. That is where internships come in handy. Students need information on where they can land these internship opportunities. You can do your research on the available internship opportunities and inform interested students through the blog. With that, you’ll attract wide blog readership from the university fraternity.

Students have expenses that they should pay for even as they study. However, they have limited sources of income. Work-study is an opportunity for these students to get the much-needed income. Find out about the work-study opportunities that are available within the campus and write bout them to the students. 

2. The Best Locations to Study While in Campus

Students are in school because of academic work. There are many assignments that they want to complete. Examples include essays, dissertations, and research papers. Moreover, there are exams that the students need to study for. However, the university may be too large, and some students have no idea of the best locations to study productively without interruptions.

Through your blog, you can describe the different locations and buildings where students can study. Give them a variety and the best times to study in those locations, their opening and closing times, among other crucial location details. You can also include pictures and the things they need to access those study locations.

3. Important Projects That Are Carried Out in the School

Many projects are carried out within the campus. It could be a breathtaking campus building being built or critical agricultural projects. Some students may not have the time to walk around the college to find out what is going on because of the numerous custom writing tasks that they have to complete.

Moreover, there are members of the public who are interested in knowing what goes on around the campus. It is a good idea to write about these projects so that you inform all the interested people.

4. Advice on the Best way to Live in Campus

Colleges admit many new students to their facilities each academic year. Some of the admitted students may be fresh from high school and may need guidance on how to live on campus, and the things that they should avoid. What areas should you address when advising these individuals?

  • Room arrangement and decoration tips

You may know several students that are experts in room arrangement and decoration of campus dorm rooms. Through your blog, these experts can provide tips on the best way to arrange a campus room. Since students prefer different ideas when it comes to room arrangement, give them as many options as possible so that they can choose what suits them.

  • Advice on moving around campus

When you go to college the first time, you are overwhelmed by the number of buildings and the different class locations. Many people do not know how they can conveniently move around campus. You can write about the various transportation options for those who want to move around campus. Examples of the means of movement you can give include the shuttles, the buses available, and any other mode that can make movement easy. Specify the cost involved when using various means.

Moreover, you can describe the locations that surround the university. For instance, you can mention the available restaurants, museums, and grocery stores. The information is useful to students as they intend to study at the university for long. They should know how to navigate the landscape.

  • How to live with roommates

When in college, students may have to share rooms. Advise the students on the dos and don’ts when living with other people. That way, the students can make their stay on campus more comfortable. 

The Final Word

With these ideas, you will make your university blog attractive. As you write the content, give detailed descriptions, and use a language that students are comfortable with. Moreover, you should edit any outdated content so that the information remains useful for a long time.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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