5 Great Hobbies for Math Lovers

Some people just have a natural talent and understanding of numbers. If this sounds like you, then it is your time to shine. Almost every industry requires math skills, and as technology continues to advance into every part of our lives, this demand is only going to increase. As a math lovers, you probably need constant mental stimulation, and this selection of hobbies will allow you to express all of those mathematical talents.

6 Great Hobbies for Math Lovers
6 Great Hobbies for Math Lovers


Anyone that is good at math has the potential to dive deeper into coding rather than just dabbling in the shallow end. It uses your math skills and can be completely fulfilling as well. It may sound like a slightly impossible task, but designing your own game or app is completely doable when you realize the power and opportunity coding presents. You never know, this hobby could transform into a career.


This may not sound like the type of hobby that math lovers tend to be inclined towards, and you are probably wondering where numbers come into play. But being a successful bodybuilder is more than spending hours in the gym and lifting heavy weights. You need to have a strong understanding of macro split, metabolic rate, and food portions. There is a lot of analytics that go into efficient and effective bodybuilding. If you can’t see yourself buffing up, maybe you could just help a friend out instead.

Probability Games

Humans have played with luck and probability for centuries, from card and dice games to a simple round of rock paper scissors. But for those of you who see the world in math and numbers, these games are seen in a slightly different light. Having a true understanding of probabilities means that you have the upper hand, even when there is a lot left to chance. For this reason, math lovers tend to have a natural affinity for casino games. If you are looking to test how your math skills fare, don’t miss out on a casino bonus while you are at it.


Woodwork is all about geometry and angles, something that math lovers usually understand as easy as a light summer’s breeze. Mathematical minds have the ability to come up with precise designs and develop things that have never been made before. It is also quite therapeutic and relaxing, and seeing the end product can be fulfilling and satisfying. If you develop a passion for woodwork, you could see yourself pursuing a career in carpentry, contracting or architecture.

Music Theory

When you dive deep into music, you will realize that’s math is at its core. Many of the famous composers had to have a strong understanding of mathematics to be able to use scales, patterns and frequencies that are so pleasing to our ears. You don’t have to be able to play an instrument to produce music electronically; it relies on more of a technical approach that mathematicians would have no problems mastering. 

Not all hobbies that involve math specifically revolve around numbers and equations, but your skills can be applied to a whole range of different activities and hobbies.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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