6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

The modern world is changing very quickly under the onslaught of new technologies. The offline world lost its position in 2020, and most people have gone online for one reason or another. Shopping still takes a lot of time, but now you can do it within the comfort of your home. And the same goes for studying, so today, you can place the request “Can I trust essayshark reviews to delegate my papers to them?” or take courses in any field, even under lockdown.

Thus, it is not surprising that people show incredible interest in digital marketing trends that can help them reach new heights. What strategies can help you attract new and retain old customers? Let’s look at digital marketing trends that have all chances to be on the crest of a wave of 2022.

Short videos

Life in isolation makes you entertain yourself by watching short videos on TikTok or creating them yourself. 

It is easy to create a short video, isn’t it? However, everything is a bit complicated here. You should keep a balance between entertainment and brand messages that you want to deliver to your potential customers. It requires a lot of creativity siding with customer research and experimenting. Younger generations love short, funny, and catchy videos, so marketers should think about investing in short videos. TikTok for Business provides a great opportunity to make your brand more popular and sellable. Besides, its paid promotion is expanding along with advertising options.

Voice search

In the last years, voice assistants have become more popular. People have started using them for different options, such as playing videos on YouTube or setting business notifications. Today, there are three most famous and recognizable digital voice assistants: GoogleHome, Alexa, and Siri. And considering their growing popularity and demand, it will not be superfluous to focus on voice search in your marketing strategy.

Millions of Americans actively use “smart speakers” for dealing with numerous tasks. Indeed, you can order any paper you need or find the best pizza house with such a helper. And since many people are interested in getting info about sales and promotions from their favorite brands, companies should optimize their web stores and sites for voice search to increase their sales in 2021.


Chatbots are in vogue nowadays because they have become more flexible in different terms and can provide customer support around the clock, helping to find answers to various questions. The technology is based on AI and growing amazingly fast.

According to statistics, 87% of customer service is powered by chatbots, and people prefer chatbots more willingly. Why does it happen? Chatbots don’t have days off or coffee breaks. Nowadays, many brands have already used this technology, but there are still those who doubt whether it is worth giving it a try. And if you belong to the latter category, it is high time to change your mind and take a closer look at it in 2021.


The number of Ad-blocker users increases every year. According to the research, about 30% of users will use this software or plugin to block ads in 2021. Thus, it may happen that a big part of your ads will become a victim of this software. Here you should do something to meet this challenge. Firstly, it is worth checking your analytics and ad data to understand the scale of the problem. Everything will depend on your target audience and where you have placed your ads.

If you have noticed that Ad-blocker’s damage is more than 50%, you should search for a new strategy or find new ways to promote your brand. You should implement new trends and ideas in digital marketing. Consider readjusting your budget and invest in more effective campaigns. For instance, influencer marketing is popular among younger generations.

Interactive content

The more interactive elements your social media or website has, the better it is. It will help generate interest in your potential clients and attract them to your brand. Just imagine that you are an artist with a big client base.

To encourage customers to buy your pictures more willingly, you can launch a website that can help count the painting’s approximate price, based on its size, style, and preferred paints. Your website’s statistics will help you understand their needs and preferences. Examples of interactive marketing involve surveys, games, or contests, etc.  

One of the best ways to attract more customers and increase their interest is to arrange various contests with prizes. For example, the winner can be one who has shared the selected post and attracted more friends to your profile on social networks. It will not cost you a pretty penny, especially in 2022. It is like asking someone for help with homework and getting even some profit from it. The only thing you need to do is check some examples in advance. 


Back in days, Forbes proclaimed that big companies have big issues with their cyber protection, especially when it comes to their clients’ data. You might have heard that British Airways was fined $249 million for data breaches, and Marriott International hotel chain lost $140 million due to the cyberattack.

Thus, nowadays, even ordinary people have started paying more attention to their cybersecurity. They want to be completely sure that brands keep their data safe. So, if you’re going to earn your customers’ trust, you should develop strategies aimed at protecting their data. Every brand should focus on increasing its cybersecurity since it is one of the crucial trends this year.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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