6 Reasons Your Business Needs Voicemail Apps

Considering how digitalized the world is currently, it might be surprising to know that voicemail is still used in the business and communications realm. Indeed, email and other messaging applications have found solid footing in the business communications scene, but that doesn’t push aside the importance of voicemail. Incorporating voicemail features in your phone system can help you offer better customer service for your business while also garnering more sales. 

In all actuality, recent events have shown that, more than ever, voicemails apps continue to hold sway in the business world. By setting up the voicemail feature for your phone system, you can increase sales conversion, ensure that your clients and partners always receive important information, improve customer relations, and boost brand loyalty. 

The Significance Of Voicemails

Voicemail systems were originally created to take the place of answering machines. Of course, technological advancement entered the picture again, and voice mails got sidelined. Now, voicemails are mostly used personally, by individuals, to record call messages. 

Nowadays, it seems as if emails and social media messaging apps have taken over the scene. But in this age when several calls, emails, and messages go unanswered, people have turned to voicemail apps as their call-answering saviors. 

These voicemail apps and systems are playing a crucial role in routing calls and messages to the right individuals. This is because they’re programmed to move calls direct to voicemail. They also now serve as storage platforms for calls and texts. This why there are many reasons your business needs voicemail apps. Here’s a look at some of them.

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Voicemail Apps

1. Reduces the Need For Call Representatives

Many businesses require receptionists or secretaries to handle incoming calls. But what happens when those receptionists and secretaries aren’t available to pick up calls due to various reasons? That little period in which no one is available to answer calls can make the business lose sales, as well as new and existing customers or clients. 

Using voicemail apps make it possible for businesses to receive calls and attend to people when human hands are unavailable. This way, you won’t miss out on anything, and you’re also available to still give clients and customers the prompt action they deserve, whether you’re there or not. 

This method is also cost-effective, because you might not need to hire as many administrative staff if voicemail is available. Plus, you might not need to pay overtime for any staff answering phone calls. With this in mind, the voicemail app would boost your business. It also helps to know that voicemail systems are relatively affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to purchase them. 

2. Storage Facility For Customers’ Voice Messages

Unlike calls that you scramble to listen to and understand, voicemails are stored so that their information doesn’t get distorted or miscommunicated. By receiving voice notes from the callers in their original form, you know how to respond to them better and ensure that all their requests are met. 

Since the messages are stored, you can still refer back to the voicemail later if need be even after you’ve attended to that particular client or customer’s need. It’s also very convenient because voicemails are easy to retrieve from wherever you’re located, whether you’re inside or outside the office.

Another advantage of voicemails apps is that it aids in better comprehension. Since interruptions are usually slim during voicemail recordings, the voicemail would be more comprehensive. Of course, comprehensive information helps you attend to your clients faster and more efficiently.   

Voicemail helps you make faster sales conversions, too. You are much more able to take swift action for delivering the needed products or services to your clients and customers. Particularly, this could save you time and money during legal cases. The recorded message can serve as the basis for customer-based surveys and research. 

3. Get Detailed Messages From Your Customers And Clients

Since your customers and clients won’t be interrupted while trying to communicate with you and your staff via calls, they’re able to send you a detailed message concerning their requests. Depending on what the caller wants to say, the voicemail from your client can run from minutes to even an hour. 

This allows the caller to describe the situation clearly, enabling you to handle it and proffer the right solution. Transcription features can also be added to your voicemail to help you understand the voice message. If more than one of your business’ staff members is needed to resolve the issue, the transcribed message can easily be sent to them all. This makes their work easier and much less complicated.  

For instance, some of your customers might be finding it hard to access your online store’s cart. This problem might require the help of more than one of your IT personnel. Voicemail would make it possible for everyone involved to have a first-hand idea of what the customers are experiencing. With that in mind, they’d know what the issue is, and how to remedy the situation.  

Voicemail also helps you address situations when customers are calling to order specific products. They can help you recognize what each customer wants, as well as how you can satisfy them all. 

4. Gives Enough Time To Respond And Prepare Solutions

When answering live calls, business representatives are always under serious pressure to respond to the caller and get the caller’s situation fixed fast. This isn’t always possible because the caller’s situation might not be something that can be easily fixed. The representative might not be able to come up with solutions right on the spot. The issue might be beyond the person’s control. It could also require more than one person’s solution input. 

Also, if the business representative’s attention was divided during the call, that person might not have received all the crucial details needed to resolve the situation. Voicemail mail apps record the caller’s message, thereby providing additional time to plan a response before returning the call. 

Moreover, you get more time to work on fixing the problem or providing the caller’s request. Additionally, the recorded message can be used to query and carry out in-depth research on the particular problem to come up with a solution. 

5. Enables Customer Retention

Without communication between a business and its customers or clients, a business would cease to function. That’s just the kind of relationship that exists between businesses and clients and customers. 

It can be frustrating for clients and customers to try to reach their brands without success. Most customers just don’t have the will to try that hard for any brand. Why? Because lots of businesses exist that also offer the same products and services. Even clients who go the extra mile to reach out to their service provider won’t try super hard. They might give up using a product or service simply because they believe the business doesn’t value them. They’re inclined to think that if a particular business or brand really valued them, they’d make their line reachable at all times.

That is their natural reaction. Something that’s supposedly as insignificant as not receiving customer calls can make you lose chains of sales. This can be significantly avoided if a voicemail app is in place for efficient customer service. When a customer or client calls, the voicemail would be received and the issue would be attended to quickly. Afterwards, a message can be sent to the caller that the issue has been resolved or the request made has been fulfilled. The customer then feels important enough to want to remain loyal to that brand.

That kind of customer would also leave awesome reviews for you and refer your brand to other people. This is because customers love a place where they’re valued and appreciated. 

6. Boosts The Company’s Overall Efficiency And Productivity

It’s more efficient when a business voicemail app routes a call to the right department instead of people doing it manually. It’s time-efficient for both the caller and the business.

In a similar vein, leaving recorded messages for a business is more efficient than representatives trying to resolve a customer’s complaint right on the spot. The time spent on the call with the client could be spent doing something more productive. The operational costs of having more call representatives would also be reduced since the staff doesn’t have to wait on calls. The voicemail apps would receive the voice messages. 

The frustration of contacting a brand with no one responding can make a new or existing client dump your business for another one. By using voicemail apps, you help boost those sales conversion rates while ensuring that the requests and complaints of all calling customers are handled optimally and swiftly. With the help of voicemail, you not only gain leads but also boost customer retention rates, proving that your company is more efficient. 


Although using voicemail, particularly for business, is considered old tech, there’s so much potential in it. Using voicemail apps for businesses is a great way to aid in customer-brand interactions. It doesn’t stop there, though—voicemail apps can help you build your relationship with your clients for retention. It’s a professional form of digital reception that shows clients and customers that you value them enough not to leave them hanging. 

Voicemail mail apps are easy to use, reliable, and quite affordable. You have nothing to lose by using them—only everything to gain. If you’ve not been using a voicemail app for your business, now’s the time to consider it. The benefits are awesome and worthwhile for you and your business.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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