6 Safe Spaces For Entrepreneurs to Vent

Everyone needs a safe space to vent about their day, their feelings, their mental health, and more. Entrepreneurs experience significant stress while building a company, and sometimes, it can seem like there’s nowhere to turn for help. Luckily, these online resources exist to help entrepreneurs and everyday people vent safely and securely without the fear of judgment. 

Here are six safe spaces for entrepreneurs to vent. 

1. Supportiv

This vent website offers chat rooms of all kinds. All of the rooms are 100% anonymous, so you won’t ever have to worry about someone tracking down your online activity or linking your identity to what gets said in the chat rooms. Additionally, Supportiv has a strict “no bots” policy in place to prevent fake users from entering the rooms. 

Venting is healthy for everyone and should be done in an environment that won’t stress you out even more. Supportiv understands that, which is why every room is ad-free as well as secure, so you can focus more on venting and less on the weird electronics ads all over a typical web page. 

2. Chat Rooms 

This free-to-use service is geared more toward people who suffer from anxiety and depressive disorders. The associated conditions can make you feel incredibly isolated, and combined with seeking entrepreneurship, you can end up feeling like you’ve got nobody on your side. Luckily, that isn’t the case. 

This site offers free, anonymous chat rooms for anyone who needs to vent about their depression, anxiety, or other mental health condition. It’s non-profit, independently run, and trusted by thousands of users monthly. 

Not to mention, you can also find forums, a blog, and a depression gallery to help you during your darkest hour. Don’t face depression alone; you can be connected with people going through the same thing with just a few clicks. 

3. Depression Sanctuary 

This safe space is also designed for those suffering from depression. Depression Sanctuary offers a blog, Q&A, and safe anonymous chat rooms that you can use to vent about anything that comes to mind. You’ll need to follow the site’s chatroom guidelines, of course, but other than that, you’re free to vent! 

Depression Sanctuary does require a sign-up process, so if you’re looking for something that doesn’t involve signing up for an account, try one of the other services on this list. 

4. Chatzy 

Chatzy is a much more laid-back service. You’ll get unrestricted access to the site’s chat rooms; you need only provide a name or alias and choose your color. Premium rooms have no ads, a hosting option, a private URL, and private messages. Chatzy has also been optimized for mobile users, so you can easily use the service from your smartphone or device. 

Chatzy offers the casual environment that many new chat-users are looking for. You won’t have to worry about being recognized or subjected to endless ads from other websites. If you’re ready to get chatting, simply head over to the website and enter a name!  

5. Healthful Chat 

This safe and anonymous chat service is one of the most widely-used depression chat rooms on the web. It’s simple, secure, and completely anonymous. There are also several chat rooms available for other mental health conditions, as well as a general chat room for when you just need to let it all out to someone. 

You’ll also find plenty of mental health resources, as well as a depression forum to reference while you’re on the site. Healthful Chat is also a non-profit, so a donation here or there is certainly appreciated to keep this wonderful tool up and running. 

6. 7Cups

7Cups is a popular resource for anyone who needs to vent or help with their depression. You can either connect with a chat room or with an individual therapist on 7Cups, or volunteer as a listener. Connect with a worldwide community and learn more about depression and anxiety, and join others in their journey toward recovery. 

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, 7Cups is the perfect resource since it’s quick, easy, and you can join a chat room right away. You won’t have any waiting times or unnecessary information requests, either. Simply click “connect now”, put in a little information (email address), pick a username, and get started chatting. 


Using an online chat room is a safe and anonymous way to vent or join a community focused on helping others get through depression and other mental health conditions. Xanax https://www.squarehospital.com/buy-levitra-online/ causes drowsiness and slows down the patient’s reaction. Moreover, it is very dangerous to take the drug if you need to drive a car or work at a height. In addition, the drug can cause disorientation and lack of coordination. As an entrepreneur, making time for your mental health is critical to enjoying your success. If you can’t make it to a support group or a therapist, at least take the time to log on to one of these six safe spaces so you can get some of the mental burden off of your chest.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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