6 Tips for Creating an Impeccable First Impression

The truth is that first impression is everything. Often businessmen get too focused on the work itself, trying to come up with the perfect business plan or the best possible marketing campaign. In the midst of all this, they tend to forget that the thing that their clients first think about them will most often be what seals of breaks the deal. There are a lot of things, from the looks of your offices to certain actions that you take, that have an effect on your client’s first thoughts about your business. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make the best first impression with prospects.

Provide Quality Writing Materials

notebook writing promo material
quality giveaways notebook

If you want to make an impression that you are truly professional with what you do, you need to make sure that you provide your prospects with high-quality writing materials, handouts and articles. This is the information that they are looking for in order to get what they need from you. You need to convey a particular and clear message. This is especially the case if you are aiming to draw a diverse customer base, and need to target different demographics and fields. Your message needs to be just right, as well as your presentation of new products and services.

Present Yourself The Right Way

 Business people in business attire
Business people in business attire

The way you present yourself as a business leader is also very important. While a corporate image isn’t necessary for every situation, it is a fact that people tend to develop an opinion about you in the first few minutes during a meeting. If you are working from home, you might not really need to suit up and wear a tie, but a lot of your prospective customers will be looking for a person that looks and acts professionally. When you do your best to look this way, it conveys a certain message – that you take what you do seriously, and care about your presentation.

Make an Impression at Network Meetings

Another place where you are bound to meet new people are network meetings. This is a great practice because it helps you find people who are interested in your business and looking for new opportunities. You can make a good first impression by showing that you care about what they have to say. Inquire about what kind of problems they are facing or what they may be looking for, and then offer them a solution. Even if you aren’t the one that can solve their problem, maybe you know someone that can. This is essentially a path to building a reputation as someone people can turn to for help.

Make the Best Out of Your Premises

welcoming business premises
Conference table with seating in modern office building.

The exterior of your premises is the first thing that will draw or turn away your potential clients. If they come to a place that is unkempt and uninspired, it will be just enough for them to develop an opinion about you as a business. There is a lot of things that you can do in order to improve this, and make your premises look more welcoming.

Make sure that you frequently paint your gates and fences. Choose the color that fits your company’s design. If your exterior has an area with grass, then you might want to add some outside furniture such as benches. In order to do this right, you should hire experienced removalists Sydney or others professionals, so that nothing gets damaged along the way. Finally, you should include colorful plants into your design, as they make everything look better.

Introduce People to Your Business Properly

The way you share information about your business is essential. It can come in the form of a business card, flyer or leaflet. It may also be a high-quality poster that promotes your products or services, or invites people to come and visit a workshop that you are holding. Professional appearance is important here as well. This is a direct representation of your brand, so it is vital that it is consistent. When designing your business card, make sure that you choose high-quality resources, as they are usually held in wallets and pockets, and need to survive being carried around.

Don’t Start With the Pitch

An important aspect of leaving a good first impression is being good at small talk and becoming acquainted with your clients. If you go straight to the pitch, you will most probably turn them away. You need to establish a relationship with them first. There is a lot that needs to come before that handshake and a done deal. When you talk to your clients, they need to have the impression that they are the only thing that you are thinking about, that is, that you truly matter to them.

The first impression that you leave on your client can seal or break the deal. There is a lot of things that you can do to make this right. So, follow these above tips to make most from the first impression.

Leila Dorari
Leila Dorari
Leila Dorari is a marketing consultant and a freelance writer from Sydney. She has been working with different companies for 5 years now. When taking a break from making new marketing slogans, she is either window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.


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