7 Factors that can Kill your Startup in 2019

Business is difficult to start and hard to grow up. It takes struggle, hard work, determination and patience for a long time. Having an investment only do not start a business either, nor can just having an idea work alone. But to give it a try, you must come up with a great idea that can hit your target market.

There are numerous factors that are essential to grow your business and to end up any business. In this article, we will be presenting seven factors that can kill your startup in 2019 or further.

Seven Factors that can kill your Startup in 2019

Unnecessary or excessive number of members in the foundation level

If we talk about the small enterprises where two or more people might be starting a small setup, it’s not a big deal to have a small number of members in the initial stage. However, these people should be professionals and technical mind individuals who have sound knowledge of the area, they are in.

When it comes to a big startup where equity is needed and equity is the way to motivate people to come and invest their money because your business needs cash during a seed stage. However, the same point should be exercised here that maximum stakeholders should be literate, professionals and come up with sound knowledge and background in the business area.

Unnecessary equity in the hands of inexperienced and unprofessional shareholders could lead to losses.

Higher overhead cost

If the overhead cost is too high, the business will give a less profit. In the initial stage, it has to be considered because if it is not controlled in the start it will then be very difficult to control. the market of the entire globe becomes very stingy. Each of the business individuals is trying to get the lowest rates.

Misallocation of resources

Resources are the big assets of any organization. Keep them alive by allocating them rightly. One of a big reason to shut down of new startups is the misallocation of resources. This happens because of the lacking of management’s right decision. The decisions of allocation of resources should be based on facts and figures only.

Investors are no longer interesting to invest more

Once the business is incorporated, investors are willing to see figures on an urgent basis. This is the biggest mistake investors do! This area is for a people with patience.  None of the business in today’s time can give profit and huge numbers in the very beginning years. Most of the investors stop their investments because they do not find the business worthy. This lead to shut down the startup in the middle of its way.

Data Breach

It is seemingly important to keep an eye over the data breach. But if you, unfortunately, experience data leak or data spill so you have various options like recovery software.

Unrealistic plans

The future plans should be on the basis of all essentials factor. These essential factors include economical trend, business strategy, core competencies, competitors’ knowledge, market knowledge. Forecasting is very important.

Avoiding the competitors

Some of the businesses do not go for a long way and lead to its death because they do not consider their competitors worthy.

High-profit rate

The market trend is not very easy to compete that’s why the focus should be high volume, not high rates

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.



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