7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in VOIP Phone Systems

In 2018, over 41.6 million businesses in the United States were using VOIP technology. Firms that make the switch from traditional phone systems to VOIP enjoy a host of benefits. 

So, why should you make the switch? What advantages does the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system offer over your landline? Here, are the top 1000 reasons to make the switch. 

1. Reduces on Cost 

VOIP calls reduce your capital and telecommunication expenditure. For instance, you don’t need to install expensive phone infrastructure or infrastructure in the company. All this translates to less monthly fees and capital expenses. 

Further, VOIP calling costs are lower than landlines and other traditional business phone systems. When you move to the cloud, the VOIP provider is responsible for giving IT support and service. The result is a few in-house resources to keep the communication going in your firm.

2. Value for Money

Shifting to VOIP from traditional landline offers many benefits at near-zero costs. Opting for the internet rather than phone connection virtually eliminates employee moves and long-distance charges. It also incorporates other features like conferencing, calls forwarding, video calling, voicemail, and more. Offering more for less helps VOIP reduce overall costs.

3. Allows for Mobility 

A traditional phone system requires you to sit next to the landline or phone to make or receive a call. However, that’s not the case with the VOIP calling system.

The protocol allows you to receive a phone call anywhere within your broadband connection. Therefore, you can answer calls, get faxes and voicemail via e-mail on your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

VOIP also makes it possible to get a virtual number. Choosing and not being assigned area codes allows you to call without worrying about long-distance charges. 

4. Pay for What You Use 

When using traditional phone systems, you have to specify the number of lines that your company needs. In most cases, firms overestimate the number of lines they need. Such a firm ends up paying on idle resources. 

With VOIP, you don’t need to overestimate the lines and numbers that you need. The reason being, you can easily provision the lines which you need. If you add a new employee, then you add a new line for them. Once they leave your company, you’ll just remove their line from the system. 

5. Brings Advanced Features to Your Firm 

In a day, there is a likelihood that you’ll use multiple devices. Such include a work phone, personal phone, laptop, among others. Carrying these devices with you all the time can be very engaging. 

With VOIP, you can set custom rules to ensure you receive the calls irrespective of the device that you’re using. Features like group voicemail, call hunt, automatic call forwarding is all present. All these help motivate employees thus boosting their overall productivity.

6. Improves Your Customer Service 

As a business, you should build a communication link with your customers. If your client calls about a specific issue, they expect your firm to provide the advice or answers they need. 

Nobody, including your customers, likes being transferred between departments or being put on hold. An auto attendant seems to be a viable option to remedy this situation. However, the option is too expensive for new and small businesses. But not anymore! VOIP makes the option cheaper for all businesses. Further, the customer can choose the department, or the individual to contact if they know their extension number.

7. The System is Easy to Upgrade 

Are you planning to install new technology in your business? Be sure to consider its ability to support future updates. 

In some cases, technological upgrades grind companies to a halt. However, this is not the case with firms that are using VOIP hosted services. Here, the transition will take a few hours to complete. Further, you don’t need experts to come and install the phones in the system as most of them are plug-and-play. 


Are you contemplating switching to VOIP from traditional phone systems? Well, this is the time to do so. Other than saving on costs, it also improves the productivity of your employees. Make the switch today and enjoy these and other benefits.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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