How To Add Bots To Your Discord Server

For anyone who loves online gaming, then Discord is his best friend in the gaming world. This sleek and robust app allows accessible communication while playing a game so that there is little or no hindrance of background apps. Apart from gamers, this app is quite popular among the non-gamers too. This is mainly due to the highly effective voice call options it offers.

With Discord, you can have a simple user account, or you can create a server. Now if you are someone who owns a server on Discord, there is a multitude of thing that you can do. Amongst them, there is this cool use of bots that Discord allows its servers to create.

These interesting bots make things at Discord a lot more fun and therefore bring a twist to online gaming. If you want to add a bot to Discord, this article contains all the guidelines required on how to make a discord bot.

How to Set Up a Server at Discord

If you are new to Discord and now looking to set up a server, you can do so in quite easily. This task isn’t much complicated, and it also is free, so it doesn’t fall heavy on your pocket. Discord is available on various platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. However, here I have given the steps to set up a server on Windows.

  1. Download the setup file of your choice from the official Discord website.
  2. Once you have the setup file in your system, start the DiscordSetup.
  3. Once you start DiscordSetup, it will download various updates and start the opening screen. At this point, you will have to register to a Discord account if you don’t have one.
  4. With the opening screen on, log in to your Discord account and tap on “Create a server” option.
  5. Here enter the name that you have selected for your server, and chose a location. While choosing a location, make sure that it is geographically close to your original location.
  6. If you want, add a 128×128 icon to make things seem cool.
  7. Once you are done, click on create and become a proud owner of a Discord server.

If you are looking for the instructions to use Dyno Bot in Discord, then you can read a brief guide to add and use Dyno Bot in Discord on The Important eNews.

What are these Discord Bots? How to add a Bot to Discord?

New to Discord and confused on the hype about Bots and not aware of how to add a bot to discord? Well, we got you covered! Generally speaking, you might be aware that Bots are computer programs that interact with Human beings. They have a specific task or a function, and they are programmed to execute that task automatically.

Nowadays, as the world is so digitalized, most of the tasks are handled by bots. Let it be customer service agents, to overly helpful chat boxes, and all these tasks are carried out by bots that are designed to do these tasks automatically.

Similarly, on Discord, there are Bots present for various tasks. However, these bots may at times be highly helpful to frustratingly irritating, depending upon how they are developed. These Bots are available on Discord to provide various services to the community they seemingly live in. Such that, there are Bots that play music or Bots that provide amusing memes on request, bots that bring your game stats for you, or bots that play rude airhorn noise!

Good Bots for Discord

Discord is full of various Bots. However, you can still get your hands on some Good Bots for Discord.

  1. There are sites available for silly and semi-useful bots.
  2. Find useful bots at Carbonitex Website
  3. You can also get bots ta Discord Bots

How to add Bots to Discord server?

The only way you can add a Bot to Discord servers is when you are an administrator to a server. This can be either if you are the owner of the server yourself or you have just recently acquired the administrator position. If you have obtained the administration position, you might have to take in suggestions form other administrators.

Now the first step to adding a Bot to Discord is to find a Bot you want to add naturally. In this article, I will take up the example of adding Dyno. This is one of the most popular Discord Bots and comes with a variety of features such as moderation features, music playing characteristics, CleverBot integration, etc.

Here I have shown steps to add Dyno from Carbonitex Website, which is the following:

  1. Click on the “Add Bot to Server” option available. Upon clicking on it, a dialogue box will appear on your screen to inquire which server you want to add Dyno to.
  2. Login to your server in Discord app so that it is known that you are trying to add something to it.
  3. Select the server you want to add Dyno to and click on “Authorize.”
  4. An “I am not a robot” captcha will appear that you will fill in after which the Bot will automatically become a part of your server.
  5. Once you have the Bot in your server, you will be directed to the administration page so that you can manage Dyno on your server.

If you don’t want to follow this method and want to add bots directly to your server, here are the steps for that. For this method, you will need the Client ID of the Bot and will also have to be logged in to your Discord server.

  1. Fire up your browser and paste the following URL in your address bar:
  2. In the above URL replace “Bot_Client_ID” with the Client ID of the Bot you want to add.
  3. Authorize the Bot. this step is necessary even though the command uses Oauth2 to do al the tasks.

Final words

Now that you are aware of how to add bots to discord, you can equip yourself with any Bots you want. These Bots are particularly handy and are there to ease burdens of you. Once you have a highly efficient Bot for your task, your work as a server administrator will become much more manageable. Apart from that, these bots also promise gaming with other entertainments too!

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