An Amicable Relationship Between AI and Leading Retailers to Engage Customers

“By“By 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human.”Gartner

Today, customers exist in an omnichannel world. Yet, most businesses still power these intelligent customers onto engagement ways through traditional and outdated techniques. Today’s evolved audience should be fed by artificial intelligence (AI) that comes up with informed and convenient customer experience at any point in the customer journey.

Artificial intelligence-driven customer experience results in integrated and more personal end-to-end customer journeys that will be a win-win situation for both the users as well as businesses.

In this blog, you will get acquainted with an idea about how AI chatbots can fit concerning the needs of the industry and the specific features of a company’s user base.

Flipkart and Project Mira

When it comes to the analytic strength of a chatbot, there is no doubt in a fact that Flipkart tops the list. The main focus of Flipkart’s bot analytics is to compare prices across the e-commerce ecosystem and then allow the users to make an intelligent choice. But the question that arises here is how the Flipkart transform this vast amount of data into useful insights for their 75 million user base?

To cater to the needs of their potential customers, Flipkart came up with an AI bot named Mira – an artificial intelligence-focused effort, in February 2017. Mira is an intelligent bot that helps the users to witness optimized and personalized shopping experience on this mammoth site, carrying thousands of retailers. Mira effectively allows shoppers who are unable to make their purchasing decision and motivate them to find the exact product they are looking for.

Artificial Intelligence

Mira took birth in response to the rising number of users who chose mobile devices to make their purchase on Flipkart. In a nutshell, Mira makes the shopping experience of a potential customer very interactive and live, thereby emerging out as a perfect example of a predictive analytic bot in the market today.

Take a Chill, When there is Netflix’s ‘And chill.’

Today, Netflix caters to the needs of millions of users, who get confused with a simple question: “What’s next to watch on Netflix?”

Viewers, these days, seek a quick and accurate solution. Netflix understood the pain of its loyal viewers and hence gave birth to a bot that performs an excellent job of utilizing big data to deliver a personalized experience with real value to the users. The bot is named as “And Chill” – an intelligent algorithm that has the potential to offer users with the results they seek in a few seconds.

And Chill

The result gets delivered so quickly because chatbot digs experience of all its users and scans the whole Netflix library to reply to customers’ query quickly. Netflix’s chatbot is available on all digital platforms where the company exists.

The working of this bot is straightforward — users reach out to the bot intending to seek a piece of advice that what can they watch on Netflix. “And Chill” churns for a bit and then quickly delivers incredible results based on the viewer’s history. Sometimes the bot takes time to come up with results but remember, the results that it offers are pretty efficient.

chat box

Listen to the Echo of Amazon’s Echo

Amazon Echo can be considered as the jack of all trades – it can act as a camera, as a search engine, and as a personal assistant. Echo is automated and driven by a voice-controlled assistant named Alexa. The primary function of this bot is to help retailers and users of Amazon to witness a personalized experience on the website. When it comes to virtual assistances, Amazon Echo has set the standard for AI technology in the e-commerce ecosystem

Echo Look

The retailers of Amazon are always in need for great pictures of their products to showcase on the site. And Amazon Echo acts as a help for them by providing them with a perfect solution to this demand, thereby curating their profile on Amazon.

The camera gets connected to the mobile app where the retailer can load all the images of their clothing. Whenever a new picture is taken, the camera automatically detects it and uploads the same to the app and start its comparison with the rest of the retailer’s images to analyze the quality of the same. The app is called ‘Echo Look’ and is specially designed for the purpose of comparing retailer’s pictures and outfits.

Thus, it acts as a perfect medium for retailers to reach their potential customers, and it allows customers to browse through the possible outfits they may want.

The Paradigm Shift that an E-commerce Industry is Witnessing

It’s a time for a paradigm shift for the 22-trillion dollar eCommerce industry.

The ascent of AI chatbots has managed various infrastructural obstacles evident in the existing e-commerce ecosystem and offered buyers an approach to shop effectively and adequately. The Flipkart’s Mira, Netflix’s ‘And Chill’, and Amazon’s ‘Echo Look’ bot, – all pass on a personalized experience that figures out how to analyze and translate the enormous amount of information and improve customer experience more adequately than any time in recent memory.

Paige Griffin
Paige Griffin
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