Best Hiking Watches: 7 Features to Look while Purchasing

Top of the mountains, hills and through forests, hiking is an adventurous trip where you come close towards the nature. I have been on hiking in Northern Areas of Pakistan back in 2015 which was the best experience of my life. I took number of accessories with me including hiking watch, but to be honest it was not the worth what a perfect hiking watch must be. So, I grabbed some points and have come up with the number of features that you must look while purchasing the best hiking watches to avoid getting lost in wild.

1. Thermometer: 

We can say the thermometer is the most common feature of any hiking watch to find out the exact temperature of the area due to this even the cheapest hiking watch comes up with the thermometer. So, what is most important to note that your watch must tell the temperature correctly even if you are wearing it. It has been seen that watches did not show the actual temperature due to the temperature of the wrist and you have to disband from the wrist and wait for few minutes in order to find the exact temperature.

2. Altimeter

Altimeter has the same case as of thermometer. It is also one of the essential features and commonly found in any hiking watch. With altimeter, you can only see the altitude graph. One drawback is that it does not tell complete history that whether you were moving up or down few minutes back.

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3. Compass

Like thermometer and altimeter, compass is also an important feature of a hiking watch. Without the compass you cannot proceed in to the desired location as every inch of the area is similar to other. However, it may be digital or magnetic depending on the hiking watch you have selected.

4. GPS

Not all hiking watches comes up with GPS feature. But we consider that it is the must feature of any best hiking watch because you will definitely not wish to forgot your way up or back and stuck in middle of the forest or a mountain with the threat of a number of wild animals. So, before choosing a watch must select the best GPS watches for hiking to ease your tracking, navigation and getting the location coordinates.

5. Heart Rate Monitor

Though heart rate monitor is not a must feature but sometimes become essential in case of any emergency when your heart is beating high and you need to take rest. Heart Rate Monitor keeps the track rate of your heart and allows to you to hike at a normal pace.

6. Water Resistant 

During hiking you are dealing with the nature. You may come across with the rain, water stream or water fall. So, your hiking watch much be water resistant and works smoothly throughout your trip or you will later curse on yourself, if your hiking watch stopped working in the middle of the hike and your adventurous trip will turn into the bitter one.

7. Durability 

Nevertheless, your hiking watch must be durable and long lasting. Usually, hiking watches comes up with robust cases as well as with durable straps of silicons, titanium, etc. Additionally, a best hiking watches also has a sapphire glass to provide resistance to the scratches.

Hope you like our guide for what must be the essential features of an ideal and best hiking watches. If you think that we missed an important feature of the best hiking watch then let us know through the comment so that we can update it.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


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