Cherry Animal Crossing – What Personality is Cherry Animal Crossing?

Cherry is a sisterly dog who loves to wake up early and is very fond of music. Her first appearance was in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Since then, she has appeared in all of Animal Crossing Series, and we can’t get enough of her! Read on to find out what a great addition she would make to your game.

All you Need to know about Cherry Animal Crossing

Cherry Date of Birth

Her birthday is on 11th May, which means she is a Taurus.

Cherry Catch Phrase

What what

Cherry Appearance

Cherry sports a spider web tee and also carries a beautiful umbrella on rainy days. The colour of her fur resembles that of cherry, and maybe this is the reason behind her name. She has teal coloured eyes, and her eyelashes are above her eyes. You can count the number of her eyelashes (total 6; 3 on the upper lash and 3 below). Moreover, there is a dark grey spot around her left eye. In addition to this, she is always smiling, which is slightly towards her left side. She has black legs and ears. She also rocks white markings on her ear, which might be earrings. Her paws are grey.

Cherry Personality

Cherry is a sisterly villager who will give you some fighting tips along with teaching you ways of relaxing. Additionally, if you get stung by a bee, she will provide you with medicine.

Cherry is a tough character who cares much about her appearance. Her caring and protective nature will make it easy for you to befriend her and get her picture. She will also put up a tough fight with anyone hostile towards you.

She gets along best with jock villagers (they love sports as much as Cherry), lazy villagers (Cherry loves people who know how just to lay back and relax) and peppy villagers. On the other hand, snooty and cranky villagers are her least favourite, and she intensely dislikes them. Additionally, Cherry may also find it difficult to get along with standard players.

It can be noticed that Cherry is often seen singing and dancing in New Horizons. On top of this, if a stereo is left outside with a song playing, she will sing along with it.

Cherry House In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Cherry’s house in new leaf has a red, black and white theme. Many would say that the house resembles her physical appearance. The flooring of this dog’s house is Modern Tile while the wallpaper is stripes.

She has a sleek bed, dresser and table. On the elegant table, you will see an elegant stereo. This stereo continuously plays K.K. Fusion. This shows that this song is Cherry’s favourite. A simple kettle is also placed on the table.

Cherry is the owner of a treadmill and exercise bike. Also, she has placed both a simple armchair and simple love seat, in her house. There is also a Bromeliaceae at her place. A snowboard can also be seen at Cherry’s accommodation.

Cherry House in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The exterior of cherry’s house in new horizons is red, grey and black in colour. The interior of the house is magical. The wallpaper used by her is Cityscape, and the flooring that she has opted for her house is skull print.

She has a red rose bed placed at one corner and a whirlpool bath on the other side. She also has a beach towel and a bathroom towel. You can also find a shower set at her place. She has also kept a red and white mum cushion in her house. Cherry’s place has an open frame kitchen and an ironwood DIY workbench. To enhance the beauty of her house, she has kept an antique mini table, black wooden deck rug and fragrance sticks. She loves listening to K.K. D&B and will play it on any music player gifted to her.

Cherry in Pocket Camp

A player needs to be above level 3 to unlock cherry. Additionally, he also has to fulfil some requirements to make her stay. One of then is that the friendship level of the player and Cherry should be 3 or above.

The player will also have to craft some items for her which have been listed below:

  • Sleek Lamp which requires six steel. (Price= 900 bells)
  • Bromeliaceae which requires six wood. (Price= 840 bells)
  • Sleek Sideboard which requires six steel. (Price= 410 bells)
  • Electric Guitar which requires six steel. (Price= 330 bells)
  • Simple Love Seat which requires 30 pieces of cotton. (Price= 1360 bells)

The crafting time of all these items is 1 minute.

Friendship rewards

Cherry in the pocket camp also gives rewards to players when they reach certain friendship levels. Following is a list of things she gives at certain friendship levels.

  • When they reach friendship level 7, cherry will give gamers a spider web and one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 9, cherry will give gamers one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 10, cherry will ask gamers to craft a sports car.
  • When they reach friendship level 20, cherry will give gamers a picture of herself which they can use as a decoration and one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 25, cherry will give gamers one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 30, cherry will give gamers one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 35, cherry will give gamers one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 40, cherry will give gamers one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 45, cherry will give gamers one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 50, cherry will give gamers one sparkle stone.

Cherry in Favorite Colors

Black and purple

Best gift for Cherry

Tiger Jacket

Cherry’s Amiibo Card

Cherry also has a amiibo card which means she can be brought to your game whenever you want to. She is in the Series 1 pack and is card number 77.

To Sum Up:

Hope you like our guide about Cherry character in Animal Crossing. Leave us comments if we missed something.

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