Cold War Streetsweeper Shotgun Challenge – How to get it?

The slight delay in the release of Season for Black Ops Cold war had every gamer anxious. And now that it is finally here, there is brand new content in the game. From the very start of the season, several new weapons available for players to add to their arsenal. Amongst them, the Cold War Streetsweepr Shotgun is also here! 

Admittedly shotguns play an essential part for players in Call of Duty. However, this fully-automatic weapon seems to have a different fanbase! This shotgun is known to be quite deadly in close quarter situations. It also has large magazines allowing players to spend more time scoring eliminations than reloading it. 

The Black Ops Cold Streetsweeper Shotgun, the long-awaited shotgun, has finally made its appearance this December. However, to use it, players have to unlock it through Call Of Duty: Warzone or Black Ops Cold War. 

To unlock the weapon, players have to either purchase one of its blueprints or weapon variants from the in-game store, which can be a bit expensive. A cheap and exciting method is to unlock the weapon after winning a challenge. Here is how you can unlock the Cold War Streetsweeper Shotgun through the challenge:

How to Unlock Streetsweeper Shotgun through Challenge?

To unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun challenge, players have to carry out a three-kill streak using the Black Ops Cold War shotgun for at least 15 times. This means players can use any shotgun in the Black Ops Cold War season or the same shotguns present in Warzone. 

This three-kill streak is something players can do only once per match. This means that the repeated kill-streaks in one same game won’t add up to their total. Players who don’t have Black Ops Cold War can still try to get this gun through Warzone. Since what is earned in Black Ops Cold War carries on to Warzone, players don’t have to complete these Plunder matches twice. 

A secret way to complete this challenge in Warzone is to only use shotguns from Black Ops Cold War: the Hauer 77 or the Gallo SA12. Using either of these two shotguns, players have to play an intense game of Plunder in Warzone, specifically in the Resurgence mode. The Standard Battle Royale modes will not count towards progression. 

Once the game starts, players need to go through a three-kill streak without dying. While doing so, the streaks must be through Hauer or Gallo. Players have to continue doing this 15 times in separate matches of “Plunder”, after which Streetsweeper should be unlocked for use. Once it is unlocked, players can customize it like any other weapon using the complete lineup of attachments and camos available. 

Easy way to unlock the Streetsweeper shotgun

For anyone unwilling to go through the hectic challenges, there is a far easier method of gaining the Streetsweeper shotgun. As mentioned above, a variant of the Cold War Streetsweeper shotgun is available in the Call of Duty in-game store. 

The bundle containing this gun costs 1,200 Call of Duty points. This variant version of the shotgun is known as a “surge protector”. It comes as a part of the Shock Value bundle. The bundle also contains a legendary charm, legendary emblem, and epic sticker. 

After getting their hands on the shotgun, players can wreak ridiculous damage. There stands to be a possibility that some adjustments in the near future could change the damage control.

Parting words 

Along with the Streetsweeper shotgun, there are several nerfed weapons in the Call of Duty: Balck Ops Cold War. One such as a very overpowering DMR. Several playlist updates changed the modes available in both the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Also, there are several fan-favorite modes back available in the games. However, as usual, it is not clear how long these modes will last. Therefore, if there is anyone who plans to experience them, they better start with it now! 


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