Here is How you can Find Friends on Kik

Finding friends on Kik or finding on other Chat applications have long since been popular amongst people. Specifically so, as they allow users to interact in a relatively much more colourful manner, in par to simple text messages. 

Kik is another such chat application that has grown in popularity with time. This light easy and exceedingly interactive apps allow users to share photos, videos and GIFs along with playing games and a whole lot of other options. 

One of the core reasons for its attraction amongst people is that it happens to be a smartphone application and does not require registration through number or Facebook for registration. All you need to do is pick out a username and get on with chatting. 

Kik platform is the ultimate extrovert heaven. It allows you to meet new people and make more friends. However, most people are still in the dark to make new friends on Kik; thankfully this article has you covered with finding you friends on Kik. Are you Interested to find friends on Kik? Let’s proceed on!

How to find friends on Kik

Once you have launched and downloaded the application, you probably might have proceeded with adding up all your friends through their usernames. Now for adding up new people, Kik online offers this option for anyone who might remotely be interested. 

Several options allow users to meet new people and make friends on Kik with the top most method present on the very app. 

1. Explore Public Groups

Kik has this option present on the message displaying app interface. This allows users to add up in various groups where people communicate and make friends. This feature appears at the very bottom of your friends list as soon as you kick start the application. 

Tapping on the (#) hashmark allows you to open up a search page where you can search up any topics of interest. This can be anything from movies, to games or books and science! While talking about these groups theoretically, they are supposed to be strictly PG13. 

However, a quick search reveals that not all these groups are confined to such restrictions so you might want to proceed with caution. Offering thousands of groups, you can easily join one and start making new friends.   

2. Meet new people 

Joining a group seems too weird to you but still keen on making new friends? Well, no worries there! Kik has you covered even in this aspect with its meeting new people feature. All you need to do is tap on the “meet new people” bar present along with the friends list, and you will be randomly picked and matched to anyone looking for new friends. Kik then will allow the two of you to have 15 minutes during which you can chat and add each other up if you like. 

Find friends on Kik apart from using the app

Although the app has you sufficiently covered on making new friends and interacting with people. However, if that doesn’t satisfy you, there are plenty of other options available too. 

Kik Friend Finder Website 

If you are a true extrovert and want to expand your network to a large group of people, you can always rely on friend finder websites for Kik. These are third party websites that have various Kik users present on them. 

However, the drawback here is that these sites are filled with pop-ups, ads, adware and other malicious entities. Additionally, here you can also come across scammers just like on every other platform available. Although these sites allow you to build up a network, they’re quite buyer beware, so it is better to proceed towards them with caution. 

Kik Friend Finder 

These are dedicated websites opening doors to the best messenger and networking world. They are easy to use and quite accessible among extroverts. Additionally, these sites allow target searches and have filters so you can have the opportunity to match up with the kind of people you like. Here you can meet up with people, flirt, chat and have simple harmless fun. 

Parting words 

Although Kik is now almost dead, due to hefty fines and other issues the developers had to face, it is indeed a perfect platform to interact and meet new people. There is something to add colour and joy to your life by eradicating loneliness, Kik is indeed a great platform. 

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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  2. “Thanks for sharing such valuable information. It is very helpful for my business. I am making very good quality backlinks from this list. thanks

  3. “Thanks for sharing such valuable information. It is very helpful for my business. I am making very good quality backlinks from this list. thanks


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