Funny Pictures to Make Your Tumblr Blog Hilarious

Laughter is one thing that humans love. In fact, there’s a reason that people deem it ‘the best medicine’ because it relaxes and rejuvenates the mind. You will feel like a load has been lifted if you have had a good laugh. Laughter can give you a break, turn the vibes of a bad day into a good one, break the ice in an awkward moment, and help us create a connect with those around us. Audiences respond to funny content. We have seen it in the recent behaviors of consumers, so how can we use content, be it pictures, articles, quotes, videos, basically any thoughts, to build a relationship with our consumers? Here’s an insight:

Tumbler blog with Funny Pictures
Tumbler blog with Funny Pictures

Tumblr is one tool on the social media spectrum that is build to help you post any content that you feel is worth sharing effortlessly. Tumblr lets you post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos from your browser or your desktop or email or phone! All this can easily be compiled onto your blog and it makes it so much more fun because it let’s you customize whatever is going onto your blog. Now that’s one step ahead.

Tumblr is known for it’s photo content, as people share whatever they fancy on their blogs and most of it is content created by them and is not repetitive. Funny photos on Tumblr will always strike the fancy of those following your blog, and if you want them to spread the magic, add funny photos on your Tumblr blog that they will share and watch the magic spread as Tumblr also gives a repost option which other’s can use on their blogs.

Tumblr is one platform which you can use for your benefit. Use funny pictures on Tumblr to entertain your audience, engage them to explore your blog and keep posting new funny pictures on Tumblr to encourage them revisit for more content consumption. Tumblr caters to everyone and all brands new or old, do not enter the social platform without debuting on Tumblr as well. You can create animated GIFs, shoot a funny vine video or let funny pictures on Tumblr do the talking. Let your audience and consumers know that you know what it’s like to have fun, and you will be surprised at the results.

Using powerful and witty funny photos on Tumblr which are skillfully handled and tastefully made can lead the cognition of the viewer much rapidly than text. You can use words if necessary but mostly, let your wit do the talking through the funny photos on Tumblr.

Sarah Stone
Sarah Stone
I'm Stone Sarah a passionate writer, blogger and social activist enjoying working at Fab Glass and Mirror; a renowned glass and mirror products seller. I write home improvement, home decor, fitness, lifestyle and well being niche because I believe sharing is caring.


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