The Glorious Resolve – A Game Released by ISPR Is it Worth Playing?


Today, Inter Services Public Relations Pakistan released a combat game “The Glorious Resolve” with a motive of Journey To Peace. It is the first time army of any country has released this kind of game keeping in mind the tremendous sacrifices of Pakistan Armed Forces in the last two decades.

In this post I will be reviewing about the recently launched game, “The Glorious Resolve”. Today, I myself installed this game and analysed, I found this game to be addictive and worth playing. On some instance I started to think that can it be compared to PUBG? Not of course PUBG is a worldwide played game with a lot of game play options where as The Glorious Resolve is very limited game, however it can grow but not instantly but gradually.

So, here is the game play of The Glorious Resolve. In beginning, the game will ask you to choose your rank to start your career (it is just like starting a player or a manager career in FIFA games).

Currently, this game has only three main campaign modes.

  1. Battle of Peochar
  2. Operation Sherdil
  3. Defense of Ladha Fort

Battle of Peochar

Battle of Peochar has 4 missions in total.

Operation Sherdil

Operation Sherdil has also 4 missions.

Defense of Ladha Fort

Defense of Ladha Fort has only 2 missions.

So, this game has only 10 missions in total. May be ISPR will update and launch more missions in near future since now it is just the launch of the game. You can download this game through Play Store and iOS Store as well.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.



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