GoGoAnime Alternatives – 10 Best Anime Sites for Anime Fans

GoGoAnime has a globally widespread fanbase, with it being popular amongst various countries. To cater to such a wide fanbase, there are thankfully numerous GoGoAnime alternatives website that allow users to stream anime movies and TV shows conveniently. 

While most of these sites are paid, numerous sites are around for free; however, they rely mainly upon advertisements as a source of income. 

GoGoAnime that has managed to rise in popularity over time. The website features high quality streaming which goes on without buffering or loading times.

Moreover, it specializes in Japanese animes and is compatible with every browser that supports HTML5. Additionally, it also provides animes kn English dubbing making it accessible to even in fans within other countries. 

However, GoGoAnime is unfortunately blocked in various countries just like 9anime, secifically those where animes are available on television. Thankfully there are numerous other GoGoAnime Alternatives available for streaming anime which I have compiled in this article:

10 Best GoGo Anime Alternatives

1. Chia-Anime 

Hosting one of the most comprehensive libraries of animes and Asian Doroma, Chia-Anime is quite popular amongst anime fans. The site offers premium streaming options along with the opportunity of downloading files in MP4. 

These videos and files can further be played on smartphones, TV and Video game consoles. Apart from that, the site owners also manage a Facebook page for users to drop requests, suggestions, feedback and stay updated on new updates. With such options, Chia-Anime is undoubtedly a great and one of the best among GoGoAnime alternatives. 

2. Animeland

This site is quite popular amongst worldwide anime fans. Here fans who are unaware of the language can also watch dubbed animes without having to go through registration hassles. The site hosts all new episodes of famous anime shows such as Naruto, Sword Art Online, One Piece and various other shows. 

Additionally, it also has a search bar available on the top right corner to allow users on searching animes. Moreover, chat widgets are also available, allowing users to discuss animes and recommend new shows.

Apart from that, on this site finding new series is also easy for users. There is a New Added Animes option present on the bottom of the site that allows users to stay updated on the latest anime shows. 

3. AnimeShow.tv

This is a modern, well designed and sleek website hosting animes of all genres. Along with all the popular anime categories such as comedy, horror, mystery, the site also has various unique genres available too such as a slice of life, space vampire, Seine, shoujo and a lot more. The most popular option of this website is the option to start watching random animes. This exposes users to a whole lot of other options. Apart from that, the site also contains anime descriptions from Myanimelist.net giving viewers insight on what the show contains and it’s summary. Also, users can drop comments over episodes, but there is mo chat option available for viewers to discuss. 

4. AnimeStreams

Sporting a simple web interface, this site is popularly known for its extensive library. With an impressive number of archive memes, exploring the site is quite like losing oneself in meme world and finding archived, but great anime shows to stream. Additionally, to cater to international anime fans, these shows are dubbed and subbed adequately. Another quite exciting feature is the multiple stream option, allowing users to shift from one anime to another mid-season. This comes in particularly handy in cases of broken links. Hosting frequent updates and impressive library, this site is undoubtedly amongst the best. 

5. Anime Ulta 

Hosting an extensive collection of anime libraries, Anime Ulta is quite a popular anime streaming website and high rated GoGoAnime alternatives. Additionally, to cater to foreign fans present around the globe, the site also has animes with English subtitles ensuring originality and ease.  

Although it doesn’t restrict users in subscriptions and give way to free streaming, the site severely lacks downloading options. However, it does ask users to register by making an account which comes with certain advantages. 

Having an account at Anime Ulta gives users the liberty to see ratings and then stack up episodes to watch later by creating a personal library. Each episode also has a comments section for people to comment upon, but it is better not to scroll down as it usually contains spoilers. Moreover, the site has a community tab allowing anime fans to interact. 

6. Kuraoni

Containing all the regular features, this site additionally hosts several advantages, such as, it allows viewers to see which video has subtitles, a small description of the TV show and English dubbed episodes.

Apart from that, the site not only hosts anime, and has a separate tab dedicated to cartoons too. So if you are an avid fan of anime and cartoons, this site is worth a visit to. 

7. Anime Frenzy 

Sporting an incredibly impressive web interface, Anime Frenzy stands out to be one of the best looking websites. With a dark theme and an impressive library of anime collection, this site is every anime lover’s dream.

To cater to the needs and comfort of their fans, the site has anime divided into categories such as Dubbed, Movies, Genres, Populars and a lot more making it easy for people to choose and decide what they want to stream. 

Creating an account on this site also allows users to build their libraries and interact with other anime fans through chat options. Along with being the best looking, the site is further exceedingly easy to navigate and has subbed and dubbed episodes for worldwide fans. 

8. Streamio 

Having to launch websites every time you are craving quality anime streaming is not everyone’s piece of cake. Instead, with having applications easing our lives, most of us prefer them over having to load web pages. 

One such application is Stremio which is available for a wide range platform, including Windows and Android. Although it serves out an impressive collection of animes, here you are not only confined to that. 

There are various other movies or TV shows available for streaming and that go on without showing advertisements. Once you register through an active email address, it automatically takes you to TV shows and Movies library for you to choose from. 

It further sends notifications in cases of new episodes. For streaming, the website uses torrent links and allows users to download a plug-in to add mirrors. And the best part? It is free and doesn’t confine you to subscriptions. 

9. Nyaa Torrents 

One of the best public torrent trackers, it is also the host to a vast collection of anime along with all other things Japanese such as TV shows, games, songs, movies, software and a lot more. 

Although all the animes present on this site take their roots with them and are in Japanese, there is, however, a specific category of subbed animes. From here you can download the most authentic animes, but for that, you will have to rely on a torrent client. 

10. AnimeHeaven

This site is exceedingly popular amongst anime fans due to the high-quality streaming option it provides. Boasting an impressive collection of anime and TV shows, Anime Heaven is perfect bliss for anime lovers. 

One of this among GoGoAnime alternatives allows unlimited anime streaming and that too in high quality. Another remarkably significant aspect to this site is that each anime comes with its dedicated set of descriptions aiding users in choosing the best option for themselves. 

Moreover, it has no geographical limitations, is user-friendly and comes without any headache of subscription and registrations.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


  1. It’s so sad to see GoGo Anime go. Really loved the website. Animeheaven is my second favourite website after that. Kissanime is also nice.

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