The Complete Guide to Amazon Giveaways

Everyone loves a good giveaway, whether it’s sweepstakes or giveaway events. Shoppers love the opportunity to engage with your business in an interesting and interactive way, it drives more traffic to your brand and can give you new customers. If your brand is on Amazon, read on for a guide about choosing an Amazon-hosted giveaway, a great move for your company.

What is Amazon Giveaway

Amazon giveaways are a service to assist sellers that have their store on the platform boost their product awareness and increase sales by using a sweepstakes method. The good news is that Amazon does the majority of the work, so it’s surprisingly easy and simple to set up a giveaway and run one. Your main tasks will be to decide what to give away and what the entry requirements are for the brand.

How Does Amazon Giveaway Work?

It’s especially easy to run a giveaway if you already have an Amazon Seller account. If you don’t, you have to start with that step. Once you set up the parameters of your giveaway on Seller Central, Amazon will do the rest of the work, by enforcing the entry requirements, choose the winners, and send the prizes to the lucky winners. This makes your logistical burden quite small. Besides the cost of the free giveaway products, there are no extra fees or cost to the brand. Because of all these reasons, giveaways are actually a great way for a company to increase the engagement from their clients.

Setting Up an Amazon Giveaway

This guide will assume that you already have an Amazon Seller account, and will outline the steps to follow to set up the giveaway.

Step 1

Sign on to your Amazon Seller Central account, then head to the Advertising section and click on the Promotions tab. On that page, you’ll see the Giveaway section. To get started, click Create.

Step 2

This is the step where you need to figure out which of your products will be a part of the Amazon giveaway. You choose your product by searching it by name, ASIN, SKU, or choose it from a list (if you don’t have too many products on the platform).

Step 3

Once you’ve picked the product or products that you’ll be giving away, you have to choose the type of giveaway that you want. There are four options here

  • (1) a sweepstakes, which is a prize given by random draw to winners once the giveaway promotion is over.
  • (2) lucky number instant win, where you would choose a lucky number, or many lucky number based on how many prizes you have, and those participating will know right away if they picked the right number.
  • (3) first-come, first-served, a self-evident option but not the best choice because you won’t get as much exposure as you want with your giveaway and will only engage the participants that get to it first.
  • (4) a random instant win, where you choose as the host the winning odds for the promotion, such as one in 50 participants who will win a prize. For this option, be careful that the chances are good, you might have to tweak your odds to find what works best for you.”

Step 4

After you choose the type of giveaway you want, you have to decide how many prizes will be on offer for the giveaway. This step is quite simple if you’ve thought of it ahead of time.

Step 5

At this stage, you must enter in how the participants will enter the giveaway. Amazon is very flexible for this stage, and some of the available options include watching a YouTube video, following your brand on Twitter, tweeting a certain message, or answering a poll.

Step 6

This step outlines the length of the promotion that you want to have on Amazon. The recommended length to get a lot of traction without losing your customers’ interest, set the length for anywhere between three to five days.

Step 7

The last step for the set up is to fill out the details on the Amazon giveaway page. This is where you come up with a creative title for the giveaway, provide your brand name, the message for the entry and the post-entry, and provide photos of the giveaway product. Then, you click submit and wait for the email confirmation from Amazon.

Now that you’ve set up your Amazon giveaway, it’s important to share it on all your platforms, including your website, your social media platforms, mailing lists, and any other marketing channels. This is a great way to boost bran awareness and have a fun and interactive experience with new and existing customers.

Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter
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