Here’s The New Google Chromebooks That Will Change The Game

Google Chromebooks first launched were for general public who wanted a quick, secure and easy computer technology. Chromebooks are just simple to use like open the lid and in just a few seconds you are on your desired websites and applications. From the security point of view, it has built-in anti-malware protection which updates itself. On comparing device bought by schools in the US, Chromebooks are the most purchased devices.

After the number of suggestions for modification in Google Chromebooks by people like running more applications, use Office files easily and make use of more when they are offline. Google has decided to launch high-end Chrome Books by the end of this year. Google Play will be introduced to these new Chromebooks. After this you will now be able to install and use Android apps, you will be able to make Skype calls, edit your work file with more enhanced experience. Your favorite apps which you used to run on Android phones and tablets, now you can install and run on Chromebooks without facing any degradation in speed, easiness or security. Chromebooks are worthy for users and perfect for developers. And all these is developed on Chrome OS, therefore, users will stay loving their Chromebooks.

At a meeting during Google I/O, the corporation told they were working with associates like Samsung to come up with better devices. The reason behind Google I/O meeting was to introduce Android apps on Chrome OS, as per those applications often need hardware modules which a Chromebook doesn’t have.

They said that a “new hardware” is launching later this year that will support Android Apps on Chrome OS.

For the moment, Android Apps on Chrome will only be accessed by the Chrome Dev channel, although they are introducing three Chromebooks in June. Google is not reasonably promising to a tough timeline for as soon as everyone will see Android apps on a Chromebooks.

Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson
Alisia Watson is a brand strategist at My Ultimate Success Tips a.k.a MUS Tips.


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