Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin Differences and Similarities

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin is the most iconic debate in the Spiderman universe. Both appear in several comics and movies and both of them are fan favorite villains. But who is deadlier? Is Hobgoblin a more dangerous version of Green Goblin? Do they share any similarities? Keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin including their differences and similarities. 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- Who came first? 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- Who came first? 
Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- Who came first?

Green Goblin was Spiderman’s most powerful arch nemesis. However, he was finally killed by our favorite neighborhood superhero but fans wanted to see more of him. Thus, instead of reviving Green Goblin himself, the writers came up with Hobgoblin who appears 20 years later. He has the same skill set and weapons as our green villain but his supernatural powers are more fierce. 

Hobgoblin and Green Goblin share several similar characteristics but they are also very different from each other. Their similarities and differences are covered in more detail down below. 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- Similarities and Resemblance 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- Similarities and Resemblance 
Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- Similarities and Resemblance

The resemblance between Hobgoblin and Green Goblin is uncanny! They share the following similar characteristics.

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin Appearances-

Hobgoblin is a more medieval version of Green goblin. The two look almost like brothers! This is because the writers purposely made Hobgoblin look like a replica of Green goblin but with a few updates. 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin Superpowers- 

Norman Osborn turned into Green Goblin as a result of the Goblin Serum. It gave him super strength, durability and stamina. However, the formula was a little faulty and it damaged his brain. This made him go insane. 

Hobgoblin used the same Goblin Serum but refined it a little to fix the faults in it. Thus, he shares the same superpowers as Green Goblin. 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin Weapons and Gadgets- 

Hobgoblin and Green Goblin have the same weapons. This is because the former found the latter’s stash of serum and weaponry and used it to become a supervillain himself. Thus, both used weapons like Pumpkin Bombs, the Goblin Glider, a Bag of Tricks, etc. 

Numerous Identities- 

Green Goblin was not just one character. Norman Osborn was the first Green Goblin. His son Harry Osborn took the role next. He was replaced by Bart Hamilton, Harry’s psychiatrist. 

Similarly, Hobgoblin was not a single man! Although he managed to successfully hide his identity for the longest by constantly changing the people behind the mask, we were finally able to discover who created him! Roderick Kingsley found the Goblin Serum, fixed it and used it to become Hobgoblin. The role was then taken on by Macendale, Phil Urich and Harry Osborn. Thus, both goblins had numerous identities. 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin Arch Nemesis- 

Green Goblin and Hobgoblin both share the same arch nemesis- Spiderman! Both focused their entire lives on taking him down and battling him. 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- How different are these two powerful goblins?  

Now that we know the similarities between Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin, let’s focus on their differences. 


Although they look very similar, Hobgoblin and Green Goblin have slightly different costumes. 

Green Goblin uses green and purple as his costume’s color palette. Hobgoblin, as a past fashion designer, redesigned the outfit a little bit to make it more chic! He changed the colors of the costume to orange and blue! He also added in a cloak with a hood to make himself look more menacing. 

Brain Damage- 

We know that the Goblin serum damaged the Green Goblin’s mind. However, Hobgoblin refined the formula and fixed it so that he doesn’t go insane. Thus, Green Goblin is insane but Hobgoblin managed to preserve his sanity. This is the most fundamental difference between the two goblins. 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin Primary Goal

The Green Goblin’s insanity made him focus primarily on Spiderman. His main goal was to defeat him. On the other hand, Hobgoblin has other plans! He wanted to become the most powerful person! His main goal was not killing Spiderman, but to gain unlimited power. He even made some cybernetic changes in his body to enhance his powers. At one point, he even goes as far as merging with a demon! He sells his soul for superpowers! 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin Team Work 

Green Goblin mostly worked alone and handled things on his own. On the other hand, Hobgoblin built an entire army of supervillains! He formed a huge network of villains that he could call for help anytime he wanted! 

Tech and Gear 

Hobgoblin took Green Goblin’s weapons and made them even more powerful! He worked with The Tinkerer, i.e Phineas Mason, to make his technology highly advanced! 

Hobgoblin vs Green Goblin- Who is more powerful and deadly? 

Although we thought that Green Goblin is dead for good, he reappears in 1996 in the Spiderman comics! This time he calls himself the Goblin King! Simultaneously, Phil Urich, who is the current Hobgoblin, joins the Goblin King and becomes the Goblin Knight. Thus, many people started believing that the Green Goblin was more powerful! However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and here is why! 

Green Goblin’s Goblin serum had quite a few weaknesses! However, Hobgoblin fixed the formula and removed all the weaknesses. He even tweaked it a little bit to amp up his superpowers. 

Thus, on one hand, we have an insane powerful goblin who ends up causing more harm to himself than good. On the other hand, we have Hobgoblin who is able to make calculated strategic decisions which allow him to tackle his enemies better! 

Additionally, Hobgoblin has better superhero powers. When he fights Green Goblin in the Spectacular Spider-Man #261, Osborn himself declares Hobgoblin as superior in strength, speed and durability. Moreover, Hobgoblin also amped up his tech game and made his weapons better and more advanced. Thus, even though Green Goblin created the weapons, Hobgoblin was the mastermind who unleashed their full power. 

It is also important to note that Green Goblin relies on his weapons to battle Spider Man as he wasn’t very powerful physically. Alternatively, Hobgoblin was able to fight Peter Parker even without weapons! 

In conclusion, both are formidable opponents and have high intellect and superior weapons. However, Hobgoblin’s sanity and refined superpowers make him way deadlier than Green Goblin.

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