How To Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser


I promised my friends on Facebook that I will reveal the trick about how to drive traffic to your blog using Bidvertiser ads campaign. Many people are aware of 20$ tricks but unfortunately they have to attach their credit card or Paypal to receive 20$. So, what’s the trick to drive traffic to your blog using bidvertiser and receive 20$ without attaching your original Paypal and credit card to it.

Drive Traffic To your blog Using Bidvertiser

Things Required to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser

The things you must have before using this trick is a credit card or a Paypal account and a valid G mail, Hotmail or yahoo account and address details of foreign places.

Don’t use your real credit card or Paypal as they try to deduct amounts in future. So, for this you must a verified Paypal account or credit card.

In this post I will show you how to get Paypal verified account and merge it with Bidvertiser and create your campaign to drive traffic to your blog using Bidvertiser.

Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser

You must follow each and every step closely as you might face problem.

  1. Make new Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account. Remember the info you used because you have to use the same info in all sign ups. (No need of selecting United Kingdom as your country)
  2. Sign up for a new Paypal account using United Kingdom (mandatory) as your country. Sign up for Paypal as United Kingdom as your country using this link.
  3. During Sign up on Paypal it will ask you to put your United Kingdom address, for address hints you can use Fakenamegenerator.
  4. Verify your Paypal email and now it will ask you to put Credit card to verify it. Now we will not use our real credit card, instead we will use Virtual Credit Card.

How to Make Virtual Credit Card

Making Virtual Credit is easy. Make your virtual credit card using Neteller. Follow the steps to make virtual credit card.

  1. Sign up using this Url.
  2. Remember to use same name, address and country as you have used in Paypal. Otherwise, it will not allow you to attach credit card.
  3. Sign up is totally simple, when you have completed your signup, they will give you your account id and secure id; Save it as it will be used in future.
  4. After everything you have done, now login to your Neteller account and locate Net + Card on the left menu.
  5. Now below right side Click Get a Virtual card. It will ask you to enter secure id, add it.
  6. Now Click on a green play icon.
  7. Congratulation you have got a Virtual credit card number, CSC and its expiry.

Attach all the information you get for your virtual credit card to your Paypal account. In this way you get verified Paypal account and you are now ready to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser.

Hopefully you have not fall into any problem till now. Now these steps will be the final steps to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser.

Final Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser

  1. This step is mandatory you must Signup to Bidvertiser using this Link.
  2. Now fill the required information and get activation code in your email address.
  3. You have completed sign up steps.
  4. Now Login to your Bidvertiser account they will ask you to add your credit card or Paypal address in order to get $20 and Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser. Select Paypal for it and login to your Paypal account in which you have just signed up.
    Note: I have not check to use virtual credit card directly into bidvertiser instead I have used Paypal. You can try, it will be good if it works, then you can skip creating Paypal account.
  5. After login to Paypal account you will get $20 in our account.
  6. Create an interesting campaign so that people click your ads and you successfully drive traffic to your blog using Bidvertiser.

Make as much as Bidvertiser accounts as you can and create as much campaign as you want until your Paypal accounts get limited. This will successfully help you to drive millions of traffic to your blog using Bidvertiser.

I have also created the video to make sure that you do not face any problem. Check the below video about how to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Bidvertiser.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.



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