How to Get Palico Gadgets? 6 Best Palico Gadgets

Who doesn’t enjoy having tricks to get Palico gadgets that your opponent has no idea about? The thrill of catching enemies off guard and defeating them is indescribable. This is exactly where Palico gadgets fit in perfectly!

Palicos are your furry companions that follow you around and help you out via Palico gadgets whenever you are stuck in a dilemma. As a player, you know that these are items you collect and use throughout your journey to heal the hunter, stun Monsters, provoke Monsters, etc.

6 Best Palico Gadgets

There are a total of six palico gadgets that you can collect. Getting your hands on all of them is very beneficial as they all have different perks.

1. Vigorwasp Spray

It is the very first Palico Gadget that players can get their hands on in the Monster Hunter World. They get this gadget as soon as the game starts. The gadget allows your palico to deliver a Vigorwasp Spray in order to heal you and also spawn Vigorwasp Spray stations via which the player can pick and use the vigorwasp whenever they want.
The player can manually summon a Vigorwasp Spray at level 5. Whereas at level 10, he can ask the Palico to place a Vigorwasp Spray station. As the level’s get higher, the Palico’s proficiency with this Gadget rises which in turn causes the amount you will heal to rise.

2. Flashfly Cage

This will be the second equipment that you will come across in the game. It will allow your Palico to spawn Flashflys at enemies to temporarily stun them. Once you have reached level 5, you will have the power to instruct your Palico to summon a flashfly and sometimes he might even place a shock trap whereas at level 10, you will have the power to instruct your Palico to place shock traps.

How to get Flashfly Cage?

To get the flashfly cage, the player will have to look for Grimalkyne’s doodles present around the Ancient Forest and collect them. The gauge will begin to fill when you start doing this. Once it is filled, go to camp 17. Here you will go to the Bug trapper tribe’s camp by swinging across vines. You might even be lucky enough to find a Bug trapper just after collecting all the necessary doodles.

All you will have to do is follow the bugtrapper back to the Grimalkyne hideout. Here you will speak to the Grimalkynes who will ultimately give you the Flashfly Cage. They will also teach your Palico how to speak to a local small monster.

3. Shieldspire

It is a defensive Palico gadget which will allow him to use a shield to not only provoke monsters but also as a defence against attacks. This gadget is a powerful one so do not take it lightly and use it in difficult fights ( for example, when trying to kill Diablos). As you reach Level 6 with the gadget, you will get the ability to ask your Palico to instigate a monster. Moreover, as you reach level 10, you will be able to command the Palico who will attack enemies with the shield and stun large monsters.

How to get Shieldspire?

First, head over to the Wildspire Waste and then go the Grimalkyne’s camp. This camp is located down a hole. Here you will go and have a conversation with the Grimalkynes who will send you on a side quest. This side quest will involve you to look for three of their tribe members present around the Wildspire Waste.

These Grimalkynes will be marked on your map. All you have to do is mark them with R3 so that your scout flies can take you right towards them. Use the Ghillie Mantle to sneak in and capture the Grimalkynes with the help of a capture net.

Capture all the three Grimalkynes and then return to the Protector’s camp. Go and speak to them so that they give you the Shieldspire.

4. Coral Orchestra

It is a special Palico-sized hunting horn with extraordinary powers. This horn has the ability to grant random buffs that boost your attack, defense and status resistances. In addition to this, the buffs get better and better as the proficiency of your Palico increases.

When you reach level 5, you will be granted with a control to command your Palico to play the horn i.e. Coral Cheerhorn whenever you want to. Doing so will give you a random buff to enjoy. When you reach level 10, you will have the power to command your furry friend to play the drum i.e. Coral Cheerbongo. This will give you one random buff.

How to get Coral Orchestra?

Your first step for unlocking this incredible equipment would be to track the Grimalkyne tribe in Coral Highlands. You will also have to fight with the trailraiders and defeat them in this process.

Your next step would be to follow the Grimalkyne back to their camp and have a conversation with the Troupers who will provide you with a task to kill two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku.
Once the quest is completed, a cut scene with the Troupers will appear in which you will receive the Coral Orchestra.

5. Plunderblade

It is an exceptionally useful palico gadget when you are farming for materials as it enables you to get much more materials from large monsters. This is because your Palico will steal stuff from the monster for you increasing the total number of items collected.

As the levels increase, you will be able to enjoy more Plunderblade action. When it reaches level 6, you will be able to command the Palico to use Plunderblade. As you progress to level 10,  you will be able to command Palico to use Palarang.

How to get Plunderblade?

Before you begin the journey of getting plunderblade, make sure to have meat in your item pouch. Then begin the journey by going on an expedition to Rotten Vale. From there, visit Area 13.

Here you will have to have some patience and wait for Odogaron to drag a Legiana corpse. Beware! Do not go and engage with Odogaron but let a Grimalkyne appear and  inspect the Legiana corpse.

Additionally, follow the Grimalkyne as it goes back to Plunderer’s hideout. Here you will quickly drop the piece of raw meat from your item pouch on the ground and hide until Grimalkyne shows up with its friends and Palico asks you to say hello. This will be a sign for you to go and speak to Grimalkynes who will be thankful to you for the food. They will also give you the plunderblade as a gift to show their gratitude.

6. Meowlotov Cocktail

The Meowlotov Cocktail is an explosive bomb which can be thrown by your Palico at monsters to damage them.

How to get Meowlotov Cocktail?

To unlock the Meowlotov Cocktail, first collect all the other five Palico gadgets. Next, defeat none other than the Zohra Magdaros for the second time. You will also have to speak to a Lynian Researcher who is present near an ecological research centre in Astera who will give you a quest. In this quest, you will have to find 10 Gajalaka doodles. You can collect these doodles in places where Gajalaka spawn.

However, all the 10 doodles collected should be different and unique from each other. You can check your map every now and then for small monsters to find them easily and complete the quest.

Then, continue playing until you unlock the Elder’s Recess location after which you should go and talk to the Lynian Researcher in Astera who will give you another quest ( Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics II). In this quest, you will have to find the Gajalaka settlement located in the Elder’s Recess. Remember that the Gajalaka can only appear at night. So you will have to wait for it to be night time in Monster Hunter to finally accomplish the quest.

Once it is night time, go to the Lynian Researcher in the area and speak to her in order to begin the next step of the quest. Then, you will have to move past the Gajalaka without being noticed to reach the Gajalaka Knight. You can do this by either sneaking in when they are dancing or use the Ghillie mantle which will allow you to run past them. Once you have reached the bottom of the crystal cave, you will have to crawl through a little hole to finally meet the Gajalaka Knight who will give you your final Palico gadget, the Meowlotov Cocktail.


Although all these gadgets have wonderful abilities, you can equip only one at a time. So, choose wisely and carefully according to your needs and the next quest that you will be going on. With the right palico gadget and your great skills, your game will reach a new height of success!

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