How To Know If Your Trading Strategy is Viable

How can you tell if your trading strategy is going to return a profit? It is a given that any move you make in the investment market will have to circumvent common risk factors, but will it be strong enough to elicit a decent return? Getting to know the ins and outs of your decisions is important, and here are some pointers that will indicate whether or not what you are working with is viable enough to go the distance.

Check Your Facts

It’s all well and good conducting research, but how do you know that what you are learning is actually correct? The fact is, there is a ton of misinformation floating around and you have to be sure that what you’re taking on board is the truth. You will never be able to make a profit if you use sources that are false, or spouting information that goes against the market. For instance, those who are trading in options investing have reliable information ready to go whenever they need it, as long as they are looking in the right place.


Backtesting a strategy is less complicated than it seems on the surface. The simple concept behind it is making observations and collating data that support your current movements. If a certain trade style has shown to be effective in past investments, then there is a degree of certainty that will validate its use in future trading ventures too. While this equation doesn’t always work out in the best possible way, it is a good foundation for deliberating. Collecting data from backtesting will show you not only how the strategy has performed in key areas of investment, but also the average profit figures it has yielded as well.

Forward Test

You could also opt for a forward testing exploration which would allow you to faux-trade in a certain way and see if the results pour in, in a framework that you expected. If these prove invalid, then you have lost nothing and gained everything, which is incredibly important as you move forward through the actual real-life trades. 

Always Take the Time to Verify

This is not an arena for hearsay. What this means for you is that every move you make has to be well-informed and fully researched before you put it to the test. If you are just taking a wild leap of faith, there is every chance that your strategy will not play out how you want it to, and the loss will you at your expense. Your capital is not something to be gambled with, so why would you? If the goal is to make money, as it often is with investors, then taking the time to verify a strategy will always work out to your ultimate benefit. This means, never diving in without a safety net and always taking the time to completely check and re-check any word-of-mouth recommendations that come your way.

If your trading strategy is viable, it will make you a profit. This is the basic principle that must guide your every movement when investing, and the only way to know if things will go your way (potentially) is to try and test and stay informed.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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