How to Sustain Competition and Become the Best Student

Being a best student in modern times is quite a challenge on its own. The competition in universities is getting more serious every year. It takes more and more effort to sustain it and remain on top of the class. However, it is still possible to become the best student as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and deal with extra challenges. 

Overall, today, being a best student requires much more than just studying. You also need to be organized, stress-resilient, and persistent. Learn more about how to sustain competition in college and become the best student. 

Time management

Organizational skills play a huge role in your success as a student. To stay on top of everyone else, you should also think two steps ahead. Hence, such dedication requires good time management and organizational skills. Unfortunately, not many young people are good at developing these two valuable assets. Yet, if you want to sustain competition, time management is an absolute must-have. 

Surely, organizing your life takes time and effort. Yet, the sooner you start, the better. First, try to organize your sleeping routine. Pulling all-nighters can be fun, no doubt. However, whether such a habit benefits your studying is already a whole different question. It’s best to have well-established sleeping hours. Once you have that, build the rest of your day around it. Find specific hours where you can do your homework, attend classes, meet friends, etc. Having a schedule will help you stay organized and prepared. Still, leave some flexibility in your schedule for emergencies and sudden changes, just in case. Though, when you miss an assignment or two, you can always read a speedypaper review and order an urgent paper on their site. 

Coping mechanisms

Unfortunately, starting from school, stress remains a big obstacle in life. Hence, to succeed, you need to develop some good coping mechanisms. So, before everything else, stress resilience requires awareness. Sometimes the hardest part about dealing with stress is noticing its presence in the first place. Students often get so caught up in their thoughts, plans, and homework that they stop noticing everything else. So, it is worth taking a break and seeing how you feel today. For example, is there anything bothering you beyond the usual? Did you sleep and eat well? Do those check-ins every day to maintain strong mental health. 

Also, try to fight stress when you know it’s there. Exercising, for one, can be a perfect solution when you are having a rough week. It will help you release all the negative emotions and charge you with endorphins to keep you going. Talking to friends and family can be another great coping mechanism. Simply sharing how you feel with loved ones will help you get through the hard days at school and not fall into depressive states. Overall, you need to build those coping mechanisms to grow stronger and more resilient. 

Have a reward system

Sometimes, being a good student means knowing when to take a break. Learn to reward yourself for all the hard work you complete. Hence, to stay in the competition, you need to pace yourself and know when to pause. Having a reward system can be just the right way to do so. Have you completed a large written assignment? Have a long walk in the park or meet up with some friends! You have finished all your next week’s homework long before the weekend, so go ahead and plan some fun activities for Friday and Saturday. You deserved it! Overall, don’t forget to treat yourself with kindness. It can’t be all work and no fun if you want to stay on top of your class for the entire course. Burnouts are real, and you should avoid them at all costs. 

Communication skills

You may find it surprising, but you need good communication and teamwork skills to become the best student. The truth behind it is very simple. You can’t do it all alone. Cooperation, mutual help, and communication are essential elements of academic work. So, you have to look around and find people who can help you grow and become better at what you do. 

For example, peer comparison can also be a big factor in your growth. Sure, you shouldn’t get too focused on comparing yourself to others. Yet, finding the best students you’d love to follow and potentially compete with will keep you on track and become your biggest motivation. Additionally, seek people who can help you study, especially in the areas you are not so strong yet. Such cooperation and teamwork will only benefit you in the long run. Besides, college is a perfect place to start long-lasting friendships. So, don’t miss a great opportunity to find friends with similar interests, ambitions, and life goals. 

The bottom line

Becoming the best student takes much more than academic progress. You need to have motivation, strong communication skills, and mental toughness. These things won’t only help you overcome the competition but will make you a better person. After all, college is not only about studying or being the best. It’s also about getting ready for the real world and the job market.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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