How to Transfer Saved Data to a New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switches have been the hype amongst gamers ever since their release in 2017. The company has come up with better-developed versions of the original Nintendo that have longer battery lives. Thus, it is no surprise that most users want to update their older versions with better and newer Nintendo Switches.

When shifting to a different Nintendo Switch, you do not want to lose months or even years of game progress. Thus, one might question how to transfer save data to a new Nintendo Switch? Luckily, in the 4.0.0 System Update, Nintendo gave users the option of moving their User Account and Save Data from one console to another. Carry on reading to find a detailed guide on how to avail the option to transfer Saved Data to a New Nintendo Switch.

Prerequisites to Transfer Saved Data to a New Nintendo Switch

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before you transfer the saved data. 

  • Both Consoles must have the 8.0.0 update along with a stable internet connection. Also, you must plug both devices into a power source. 
  • The two consoles must also be physically close to each other. 
  • You must have your Nintendo Account linked to the desired User Account on the source console (the console you wish to transfer the saved data). Additionally, this Nintendo Account must also not be active on the targeted console (the console you want to transfer the data). 
  • The maximum number of users that you can have on the target console is 7. Thus, you must make sure that you have 6 or less than 6 active users. 
  • The Target Console should have sufficient free space to receive all the save data. If the data is a lot, consider using an SD card. 

Transferring Save Data to a New Nintendo Switch

Firstly, follow the steps given below on the source console.

  • Go to the Home Menu. 
  • Select System Settings.
  • Click on Data Management.
  • Locate Transfer Your User and Save data.
  • Click on Send Save Data to Another Console. 
  • Select the User whose save data file needs to transfer. 
  • With the device plugged into a power source and an active internet connection, proceed to the Target Console.

Target Console

Now follow these steps on the target Nintendo Switch:

  • Select System Settings.
  • Click on Users.
  • Locate Transfer Your User and Save data.
  • Click on the Next option twice. 
  • Select Target Console if this is the device to which you wish to transfer the saved data.
  • Make sure that this console is plugged into a power source and has a stable internet connection. 
  • Now, click on Sign in.
  • Use your Nintendo Account e-mail address or Sign-in ID.
  • Enter the required details ( your credentials and password) to Sign in. 
  • You must go to the Source Control again.

Source Control

Here are the steps that need to be followed on the Source Control to transfer the data.

  • Once you have signed into the Target Console, it will look for the Source Console. Once it has found it, click on the Transfer Option.
  • Select the save data files that need to be transferred. 
  • Select Send Save Data. 
  • This will begin the transferring process of saved data.
  • Patiently wait for all the data to be transferred. 
  • Once the saved data is transferred, click on End. This will complete the process.

Additional Notes:

Here are a few things to keep in mind when performing this action:

  • Transferring the data from the Source Control to the Target Control will completely wipe it from the former. Thus, keep in mind that transferring the data will not create a copy of it. 
  • If you do not have any other user accounts on the Source Console, a placeholder account will be created upon completion of the transfer. 
  • You can easily repeat this process as many times as you want; you can also transfer the data from the new console to the old one again using this method. 
  • One can simultaneously use Nintendo Switch accounts for multiple Nintendo Switches. Thus, you can re-add your old Nintendo Switch account instead of creating a new one!
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