How to upgrade your employee experience? A complete guide

How can we improve employee experience in the organization? It is one of the most asked questions in the business world. We all know that a great employee is engaged, productive, creative, and has expertise in the related field. But all these skills aren’t God-gifted and need contributions from both sides to make things happen. For instance, the HR department and business leaders are the two main parties that make policies to achieve goals. So, if you are one of the leaders, then let’s start with the basics:

What is meant by employee experience?

As an organization, a better employee experience should be your priority. According to the experts, employee experience is an aggregation of all experiences, encounters, and observations to make tenure in an organization. Further, we can divide the whole concept into three following steps:

The above three steps sum up a candidate’s whole job career. A good employee experience positively impacts the organization and brings satisfaction. Apart from this, a good working experience positively impacts other factors like boosting engagement and satisfaction. It also affects the recruitment experience, better retention, and multiplies revenue.

How to upgrade your employee experience? A complete guide
How to upgrade your employee experience? A complete guide

Pillars of employee experience:

We have already discussed the basics of employee experience, which later leads to satisfaction. According to surveys, more than 50% of workers think an excellent working experience makes them stay at their job for extended periods. But before heading further, it’s vital to discuss the pillars that support creating a good employee experience.

  • Connection: In simple words, it’s a bond between employees, their managers, and co-workers. Apart from this, it’s crucial to create a relationship between the company’s mission statement and values.
  • Growth: It is another essential pillar of an improved employee experience. For instance, new opportunities, feedback, and career development are the main things that promote growth.
  • Appreciation: You can’t make employees happy without appreciating them for good performance. If you understand employees, then they feel more valued at work.
  • Performance: If workers don’t know what and when to do, then they feel clueless. So, as a leader, it’s your responsibility to give clear direction about the tasks they need to do at the job.

So, the organization should arrange a one-on-one meeting occasionally to address work-related stuff. If you study in-depth, you will realize it’s a complex term; you must look carefully to understand different touchpoints.

How to upgrade employee experience?

According to the stats, around 69% of employers face difficulty filling jobs. So, if you are an employer and find a good worker, you should take retention measures. However, there are the following key benefits if you are giving an excellent experience to the employees. 

Improve work performance

According to the stats, it’s evident that an organization prioritizes employees to achieve good growth. Above all, here are the following key benefits of retaining experienced employees:

  • You can earn two times more customer satisfaction
  • Boost innovations and best for developing creativity skills
  • Results in two times more profit and sales performance

Many types of research prove that employee experience is linked with improved work performance. Apart from this, the number of employee experience jobs has grown to 173% in the market. So, it indicates that companies are focusing on the importance of employee experience.

Conduct one-on-one sessions

In the contemporary world, employee management is an art, and the HR department should learn new skills. We can say it’s an ongoing experience. But the employee and leader relationships are indeed different. However, conducting one-on-one meetings is one of the best ways to mend this relationship. In a one-on-one session, you can discuss the following things to make it more meaningful:

  • Discuss work agenda
  • Recognize excellent work and learn to appreciate it
  • Talk about the progress that you are expecting from that role

There is always room to discuss things and be more open about the job roles. So, this exercise is best for building trust and relationships between the leader and subordinate. We can say communication is the key to success and removing ambiguities.

Build feedback and communication tools 

Earlier, we discussed the importance of good communication. But it’s not possible without building good communication and feedback channels. For instance, if you need to ask something from an employee, then use a platform where workers can anonymously say things. There are many tools available for surveys and performance management. You can also improve the employee experience by managing things online. For instance, use a real check stub generator for payroll management.

Focus on diversity

An excellent working place focuses on diversity and inclusion. According to the Russel & Reynolds associates:

“The presence of diverse employees directly impacts improved human capital results.”

Other studies found that improved strategies bring more positive results regarding employee satisfaction and experience. The working environment should be more flexible, inclusive, and diverse.

Don’t ignore growth opportunities

According to the experts, only 43% of employees think their employers offer growth opportunities. So, it’s an alarming situation because half of the workforce is doing the job in a challenging environment. However, if you want to improve employee experience, then take help of the following growth opportunities:

  • Offer increased income/salary
  • You can assign employees more significant duties on the job
  • Offer them more impressive job titles
  • Arrange trainers for job-specific training
  • Arrange social gatherings outside of the workplace to create a sense of unity

As an HR leader or employee, you must show employees that you trust them. Moreover, you can offer incentives to the workers doing great work in the workplace.

Focus on team-building activities

Team building activities work like an ice breaker and help to create a bond between employees. These activities motivate and connect workers and make collaborations and communication easier. In addition, you can enhance your experience by offering flexible working hours. In this way, employees reach a new height of self-realization and actualization.


In the end, we can say managers are like the backbone of any organization. So, take one step ahead to eliminate the typical employee journey. We live in a diverse world where time is needed to understand new strategies and apply them in an organization for better results. So, read carefully and act timely to boost engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster is a reporter based in UK. Marie has also worked as a columnist for the various news sites.


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