How to Improve Your Employer Brand to Recruit Millennials

A recent report by Gallup explained how Millennials were behaving on the workplace. As customers. That’s right! The best of them have the option to shop around for a job that best aligns with their interests and goals.

Millennials are not necessarily after greater financial gain. This generation goes beyond that motif. They want to be inspired and want to grow. They want the workplace to feel like a second home.

If you want to attract and retain the best workers from this generation, you have to show your brand offers what they need. You have to build a strong employer brand. Let’s see how you can do that.

1. Communicate Your Brand’s Values

A report from the U.S. Census Bureau showed that the values of Millennials are different from those of older Americans. They believe that education and economic accomplishments are important aspects of adulthood. They are aiming for jobs that demonstrate social responsibility. They want cool internal culture and a working environment close to their collaborative approach.

That’s your starting point. You have to find your brand’s values and communicate them. This is a technology-driven generation. You’ll be expressing those values all over the Internet, so you’ll recruit Millennials with their help.

These values have to be very specific. Collaborative environment, social responsibility, opportunities for growth… such generalizations don’t say anything about your brand. Show how exactly you’re turning those goals into reality. Feature examples of social activism. Show how the office looks like in a typical working day. Show how your best employees grew inside your company.

2. Use Testimonials from Your Employees

Millennials want to see social proof before they consider you as a relevant employer. This calls for action: you have to focus on a first-class employer branding campaign. It won’t be based on your claims. It will be based on actual proof.

Ask your current employees to write their testimonials, which you’ll feature along with their photo at your website. These are your brand’s ambassadors Don’t make them feel obligated to do this. It should be a voluntary activity. Then, promote those testimonials, so people will see how your company makes the lives of its employees better.

To make this simpler for your employees, ask them to answer specific questions. Why did you choose this workplace? What made you stay? What do you like the most about this job? How do you see yourself in the future?

3. Share Great Content

How do you promote your employer brand? Content is the answer. It has to be absolutely perfect. We’re not only talking about the content featured on the official website of your business. We’re talking about content marketing, which expands the awareness for your brand.

Keira Eliot, a content HR Generalist from Resumes Planet, explains: “Many small business owners don’t know they have an employment brand. They do. And they have to promote it all over the Internet. Content marketing is everywhere. It’s on your main website, but you have to blog, too. It’s in your job descriptions, too. Make an effort. If you can’t write well, hire an expert to take care of that part for you.”

You already have a content marketing campaign to promote your brand, right? You have to treat your employer brand just like you treat the company brand. Develop a unique content marketing campaign like visual content marketing and the Millennials will come to you.

4. Use LinkedIn, Quora, and Social Media

Where will you find the Millennials you want to recruit? They are right there, on social media. Join discussion groups related to your industry and be an active member. You’re the owner of a business. You have to show authority, knowledge, and class. Build your online reputation, so it will make you an attractive employer.

LinkedIn is an obvious priority. The connections you have there show how powerful your brand is. Connect with influencers from your industry. Connect with Millennials, too. LinkedIn enables you to send them job offers right through the system. Use that opportunity. If they find your offer attractive and they get the impression that your employer brand is strong, you’ll have them hooked.

It’s also important to connect with Millennials through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If they see a job ad, they will look the business up. If they see you as the owner, they will look you up, too. Both your brand and you as the owner should have an impressive reputation on social media.

Quora! Don’t forget about it! When you answer questions related to your industry, you’re proving your expertise. When Millennials find this content, they will realize they have a lot to learn from you. That will trigger their interest to work for your company.

Employer Branding Takes Time, But It Works!

Building your employer brand will take time. Money, too. However, that process will result with better hiring decisions. Better hiring decisions affect the overall effectiveness of your business.

According to a report by Hinge Research Institute, attracting top talent is the second biggest challenge that businesses are facing (right after attracting new clients). The employer branding process is crucial for facing that challenge. If you do it right, it will definitely deliver the results you expect.

Michael Gilmore
Michael Gilmore
Micheal Gilmore is a blogger and entrepreneur from Dallas, TX. He specializes in building high-performance teams and delivering great products in the least time. Micheal is also a passionate career advisor and facilitator. His life is fully dedicated to the people.



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