Isabelle in Animal Crossing – All you Need to Know

Animal Crossing is all about building a better house and moving forward towards a better life. To help you achieve your goals and better understand the game, in 2012, the developers introduced Isabelle through Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Initially, Isabelle started with the name Secretary. Then in the same year, her name was changed to Shizue. Finally, on February 14th 2013, this yellow puppy got the name Isabelle which has remained constant till date. You can also find Isabelle in the spin-off games like Happy Home Designer, Pocket Camp and Amiibo Festival.

All you Need to know about Isabelle in Animal Crossing

Isabelle Date of Birth

Isabelle’s birthday is on December 20th.

Isabelle Family and much more

Isabelle is the twin sister of Digby who controls the Happy Home Showcase in New Leaf. The siblings grew in a cardboard box where they used to fight when they were puppies. Their fights used to be because of Isabelle, who was a mischievous puppy and always desired to have a bite of her brother’s shoes. Even today, whenever Digby gets a new pair of shoes, she has a hint of temptation to take a bite of it.

Isabelle brother claims that she has 19 engineering degrees from different universities, proving that she is brilliant. Although if you look closely, you will realise that she is a bit ungraceful.

Other than this, Isabelle has a sweet personality, and she considers the town she works in as a family.

Isabelle Appearance

Isabelle is a bright yellow puppy and belongs to the category of Shih Tzu dogs. She has rosy cheeks which highlight her jolly personality. Furthermore, the shape of her head resembles a bag of bells. Many claims that this is the reason behind her name (is-a-bell). Also, she has patches of white fur at the end of her tail and around her mouth.

Isabelle has a variety of clothes. Usually in normal leaf, she has been seen with a white blouse, green checkered shirt and a navy blue skirt. She rocks this outfit with a red ribbon tie.

When winter comes, Isabelle starts to wear a yellow sweater and a black skirt instead of her previous green checkered shirt and navy blue skirt.

If there is any special event going on, Isabelle will dress according to it. For example, when an event called Tsukimi is going on, she will wear a bunny shirt.

Moreover, in happy home designer, Isabelle can have her own house where she will be seen sporting a casual outfit. Every time you will go to her house, you will see her in a pink and white blouse which she will be rocking with a pair of blue jeans and black glasses.

In New Horizons, she wears a salmon leaf-themed shirt and a white skirt along with a pair of brown shoes.

Isabelle mostly has her hair up in a pony with a red elastic that has bells attached to it. This pony makes a noise as she walks.

Isabelle Tasks

Isabelle comes with various roles in different series of Animal Crossing. We shall discuss all of them here.

 • New Leaf

In this version, Isabelle plays the role of a mayor’s Secretary. She helps the player to play the game from the start replacing Tom Nook. Initially, she will act as an instructor who will give a step by step tutorial of how to do things. Additionally, she will give gamers the freedom to choose the town tune and flag. She also has the power to stop villagers from doing undesirable acts.

Other than Tom Nook, Isabelle has also replaced Tortimer by organising most of the town events. If the plaza is not fully occupied, the yellow puppy will stand there for the entire day. However, if the plaza is full, she will be found standing on the borders of the town hall. A useful tip for all the gamers is that interacting with Isabelle during the event can help you get a gift. But, also remember that no mayoral event will be allowed by her if a town event is ongoing.

If by any chance you are the mayor, she will not only be your Secretary but also help you out with enacting ordinances. In addition to this, she will also assist with the Public Works Project.

Isabelle will also give fruits as gifts to gamers based on their native fruit. If a gamer’s native fruit is apples, Isabelle will provide oranges. Similarly, if the native fruit is cherries, she will provide apples. If the native fruit is orange, she will give pears, and if it is peaches, she will give cherries. Also, if the native fruit is pears, she will provide peaches.

• Happy Home Designer

In this spin-off of Animal Crossing, Isabelle is observed as an optional character. She moves into a village where the player is seen making houses. Here, she acts as the head of development which comes to the player in an attempt to assist him with specific buildings. These buildings include schools, cafes, hospital and department stores. All these buildings are to be built on the main street.

• New Horizons

She will announce the date, time and any other ongoing special event at resident services. If there is nothing special going on, she might start rambling about her TV habits or family. She might even say that there is no news.
She takes leave during the fireworks festival every Sunday in August.

She gives gamers a headgear accessory every Sunday. Aside from this, she also works with Tom Nook. She will help you in changing the island tune, flag and even status. Isabelle also has control over villagers, and she can tell them when they are speaking/misbehaving.

• Pocket Camp

She acts as the player’s guide and helps them out in pocket camp. Also, she appears in a couple of in-game events.

• On which Other places where we can find Isabelle

Isabelle has made quite a number of appearances in games that are not versions or spin-offs of Animal Crossing. Following is a list of her appearances:

  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: Atsumete Tomodachi Daisakusen!
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Miitopia
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

How to unlock Isabelle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The entire process of getting Isabelle can take up to a week’s time. To get her in New Horizons, a specific set of conditions need to met which have been listed below:

  1. Complete Tom Nook’s daily objectives.
  2. Build a bridge and furnish your home.
  3. Have a minimum of 3 villagers in your town.
  4. After a while, Tom Nook will talk about taking Resident Services up a notch and changing it into a proper Town Hall. This construction will take a complete day. During this duration, resident services will be closed. The next day, resident services will be upgraded, and you will find Isabelle there.

To Sum Up

This is everything related to Isabelle. Isabelle is an important character, and Animal Crossing would not be the same without her. Let us know in the comments below what you think about her and if there is anything you would like to change about her.

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