Neko Atsume Cats – A Guide to Collect All Neko Atsume Rare Cats

Neko Atsume Cats

A weird cat collector game is known as Neko Atsume. However, really don’t you need to play or pet with these little fur balls. In order to play the game, you will need to put food and toys and wait for cats which may appear in your yard. Also, you need to figure out which Neko Atsume cats like which food or toys — this is something addiction that gives you pleasant surprises when new cats grace your yard or hanging out there.

However, random cats are easy to attract although you need enough practice or guidance to get rare cats in Neko Atsume in the yard. If you want to play Neko Atsume so you will need a guide to get all rare cats and momentos to win the game. Therefore we present to you a complete game guide below to collect all Neko Atsume rare cats.

Nuke Atsume Cats

It is not right to call Neko Atsume a game just but it is more like a cat Tamagotchi in which you need to collect different cats. You will get cats by placing goodies and food according to the cat’s choices. According to your placement different cats visit or appear in your place. In this game, cats are categorized into two types that are regular cats and rare cats.

However, regular cats visit easily or most often buy to get rare cats are not at all easy. Besides both types of cats appears when the game app is closed or in the background so every time you start up or resume game brings pleasant surprise for you. You will experience cats eating, sleeping or playing right on your screen.

Nuke Atsume Rare Cats

In Neko Atsume game, rare cats are difficult to get to appear in your place as well as these cats are really interesting and cute enough then standard cats. Mostly the players of the game try to get rare cats in their home or yard because it’s itself a great but pleasant challenge.

You must know that most of the rare cats are much easy to attract using good cat food. You should start with high-quality crisp cat food like sashimi and then expensive kitty food. Normal high-quality food cost around 30 sardines for 3 bowls; though there are some cats expect fine things.

Let’s check out the complete guide to collect rare cats mentioned below:

A Complete Guide to Collect all Neko Atsume Rare Cats

Out of total 62 cats in Neko Atsume game, there are 22 cats considered as rare cats, it is important to mention here that most are not really rare but truly special. They are special because they have their own way to interact with the most interesting objects.


There is also a misconception that Peaches are rare cats, actually, these are not classified as rare but to get this cat is extremely difficult. The main reason peaches are considered as rare cat due to its capricious or picky personality.

She has a power of 45 and she likes a wide range of items. Most often she likes sashimi as food while there are varieties of items can be used to attract peaches. Such items include baseball, rubber ball, watermelon ball, a ball of yarn, wing thing teaser, kick toy, mister mouse, fluffy bed, snowy pillow etc.

Sapphire & Jeeves

Neko atsume has a classic kitty named as sapphire. This classic, rare cat desires the finest things such as fairy tale parasol or tower of treats. Sapphire is the only rare cat arrives in a pair with Jeeves with the naïve nature the sapphire is the popular rare cat in Neko atsume. She has the power level of 20 and can eat everything except thrifty bits while the memento is a poetry book.

As far as the Jeeves is concerned, this nimble personality rare cat is sapphire’s valet. You can get both by putting over fairytale parasol or a tower of treats in the yard. However, Jeeves has a great power level of 210 and like to eat in the same way as sapphire although Silver Power Watch is his memento.


It is the recent addition in the game Neko atsume with a few other rare cats. Frosty is like a lazy cat who seeks comfort so you need to put several beds and the cat simply nestling up there. Besides, the cat has the lowest power level 5 as compared to other cats while she is sensitive in nature.  However, the cat leaves thaw proof snowman when she out.

Saint Purrtrick or Two Tails

The rare cat visits your yard seeking cosiness and most prominently likes silk crepe and kotatsu pillow. Even though saint purrtrick is awe-inspiring in nature while he has the highest power level of 222. This cat can eat anything but the mysterious stone is his memento.

Xerxes IX or Prince or Purinsu-san

Here comes the most imperial one cat among all rare cats on Neko atsume. Xerxes IX get into your yard wearing a fancy shawl, this Persian cat certainly likes to judge everyone. In order to get this Persian cat in your place, you will need to place highest quality cushion like Zanzibar and royal bed cushion.

However, this rare cat has not any food preference together with its memento is pretty stones. This weird rare cat has power level 70 along with the surprising regal personality with the bow down appearance.

Ramses the Great or Pharaoh Cat or Sphinx

When you put pyramid tent this Ramses the great will visit. The cat possess 230 points as power level, however, the cat has riddler like nature. Moreover, the cat can eat anything except sashimi as well as it leaves you with elegant staff as a memento.

Ms Fortune or Maneki Neko or Lucky Cat

Ms Fortune is another rare cat which looks like a Japanese lucky cat. She likes fancy cardboard house before she appears in the home at the same time she leaves with maximum fish as compared to other cats. Having this cat in your yard really worth it, the cat can eat anything. She possesses power level 20 although the cat will leave behind oval coin as a kind gesture.

Tubbs or Meowby Dick

The cat is not fussy and only wants to eat well as food. He especially visits to eat food in the bowl and the cat simply lies down in front of it. Tubbs does not like to visit expanded yard and never go in to eat food but if you put out giant cushion he will be happy and surely visit.  With the fish jerky as his memento, the Tubbs has a personality of finicky feaster along with a power of 130.

Guy Furry the Chef Cat

This chef cat gets into your yard when you put out glass flower vase or stove. Guy furry can eat anything except thrifty bits. This rare cat has a low power level of 30 and he will leave off memento a custom rolling.

Conductor Whiskers or Tama or Train Cat

As the name describes this train cat like to play with trains and the cat arrive when you set up cardboard choo-choo or twisty rail. The fun-loving cat is basically vigilant in nature as its attentive personality makes her stand out. She can eat anything although it possesses a power level of 50. Besides, the conductor whiskers offer a hand-written ticket as a memento while the weirdest thing is how she wrote that.

Señor Don Gato

Senor Don Gato is the puss in the boosts, he visits when you have mister mouse. The wise cat has a scheming personality as its boots and mustache makes him perfect spy. With the low power level of 30, this rare cat can eat anything while the feathered hat is his memento.

Mr Meowgi or Samurai-san

If you want to get this senior trainer in your yard so you will either have sakura pillow or scratching log. The cat mostly prefers or focuses on training and do not care what to eat. Mr Meowgi possesses a mentoring nature while the cat leaves you with an odd wooden charm as a memento. The cat has a low power level of 250 just.

Sassy Fran or Café Cat

Sassy Fran is a waitress cat in Neko Atsume game. The cat will likely to visit when you put out any food except thrifty bits and also place cardboard café in the yard. The cat has an enthusiastic personality and this cat will leave a coffee cup as a memento. Sassy Fran has a good power level of 180.

Bob the Cat

You need to put cat metropolis to get this cute rare cat in your yard. The cat’s appearance is similar to bobcat, therefore, it named Bob the cat. This cute bobcat possesses the power level of 40 as well as the cat likely to leave you with an antique compass.


This cat visits when you have a lacquered bowl or temari ball. His power level is 150 although the cat actually has a refined personality. Like other rare cats, Kathmandu can also eat any food except frisky bit and thrifty bits. He can visit lacquered bowl no matter it is in use of any other cat or not. He will leave behind a fine quality writing brush as a memento.

Chairman Meow or Camouflage Cat

Chairman Meow will likely to visit when you put a game of army men along with his ladle, pot helmet and camouflage fur pattern. He also visits once you put out earthenware pot as well as like to visit when there is sunken fireplace is placed. His memento is a dog tag while it has the power level of 111.

Joe DiMeowgio or Baseball Cat

A weird and rare cat like to play baseball is Joe DiMeowgio.  Similarly, the rare cat visits your yard when there is baseball irrespective of any food. This cutest rare cat possesses a power level of 28 however, it appears wearing an outfit based on hashing tigers. A signed Baseball is her memento.

Billy the Kitten

Billy the kitten is not a fussy cat with food but will prone to visit once you have a cowboy hat. The super rare cat, billy the kitten has the highest power level of 250 that is highest amongst all rare cats. Billy the kitten has existentialist nature or personality while the rare cat leaves you with a lucky coin.

Lady Meow-Meow

Here we have the diva, the lady Meow-Meow, she possesses expensive taste. The diva cat can eat anything except thrifty bits but this lady meow-meow will appear only once you have the luxurious hammock. The cat leaves with some novelty sunglasses when she goes off however the cat has a power of 100.

Whiteshadow the Ninja cat

Since white shadow shows some tantrums and do not interact with the item directly, he has spying nature and mysterious personality, therefore, he is also known as a ninja cat. She likes to eat bonito bitz or sashimi or deluxe tune bitz. Due to its mysterious nature, it is really hard to get this cat in your yard and get his memento ninja costume. This elusive personality cat has a power level of 195.


The rare cat has 200 points as power level. Hermeowne will likely to visit once you have egg bed no matter if any other cat using it or not. The Hermeowne is very gentle in nature as well as she appears with a pointed hat.

Final verdict

This is all Neko Atsume rare cats guide, now go and start finding out rare cats as much as possible using this well-instructed guide.

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