NFTs and Crypto Enter the Anime Industry to Appeal to a Broader Audience

Anime and cryptocurrency don’t seem to blend, but the digitalization of industries is happening faster than we thought. NFTs, at least, are leading the markets by providing a unique way for artists to express themselves while having a way to incentivize these assets. And considering that most platforms are built with the help of the Ethereum blockchain, customers usually take into consideration Ethereum’s price on Binance to invest in their favorite NFT art.

But how profitable is the anime and manga sector if linked with cryptocurrencies and blockchains? Despite the increasing number of animations, anime studios and new artists need more financial support for drawing and creating anime for a sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, allowing them to showcase their art for being remunerated with crypto would change their careers considerably.

NFTs and crypto enter the anime industry to appeal to a broader audience
NFTs and crypto enter the anime industry to appeal to a broader audience

Anime-based coins are on the rise

If meme coins are that popular, why wouldn’t anime coins also rule the crypto market? Digital assets inspired by Japanese anime have the potential to overturn any other currency, considering how many otakus are out there. Here are only three examples of anime-based coins.

Otaku coin, popular among anime authors

Otaku coin was created in 2018 solely to help anime authors based on the Ethereum blockchain. The ecosystem allows fans to earn coins by supporting their favorite artists by watching anime, reading manga and sharing content. These coins can be later used for events and concerts.

Although the coin can be used by anyone globally, one thing hindering the project includes foreign currency exchange fees that might discourage some fans from using the blockchain’s features. Still, the association plans to remove these financial challenges for anyone to use the system freely.

Monacoin, the cutest cat coin

Monacoin is one of the most efficient anime coins launched in 2014 and has since accepted crypto payments in several manga shops, online games and anime merch. It’s rumored that the coin was based on the Final Fantasy game.

The coin is one of Japan’s most used currencies, and its owners plan to maximize transaction volume to expand Japanese anime and manga further. Customers use Monacoin to exchange digital assets, like manga toys and coupons.

Mindol coin promotes “cool Japan”

Mondol is yet another digital currency used to expand the Japanese subculture by adopting and publishing animation, games and cartoons content through blockchain security. The anime-based coin has increased in popularity and price recently as anime has seen an increased interest considering the best animes being released recently.

Mindol also is currently developing a smartphone wallet for users to allow Mindol coins to circulate online and make voting, posting and donating more efficient.

NFT ecosystems for anime and manga-based art

With the help of NFTs, creators are able to develop their art and take the industry to another level. This incentivization method is excellent for those wanting media coverage and spreading awareness of the sector’s potential. Here are some examples of inspired NFT creations.

Azuki, the 10.000 NFT anime project

Azuki released 10.000 NFTs in 2022 and has since ranked number one on OpenSea, with an incredible price. The project dominated the market by providing everything, from a metaverse to physical merchandise and, most importantly, impressive and high-quality manga visuals.

Trophee, the NFT platform with its own native token

Trophee is one of the most respectable NFT platforms that work with its native coin called $MANGA. The ecosystem is built on Binance Smart Chain and is quite a complex environment. Still, it works by encouraging users to interact and buy native tokens to access free manga on the platform’s system, Manga Reader.

Karafuru, the most colorful project

Karafuru is one of the most interesting anime NFT projects, being described as psychedelic and upbeat. The collection started with 5.555 NFTs that sold out immediately and boomed on social media shortly after. Considering this success, the organization plans on creating 3D NFTs and physical toys.

AnimeCoin, the world’s first decentralized digital art platform

The anime community is incredibly expanded and gets bigger by the year. Therefore, a new platform called AnimeCoin has been created for the communities to exchange value and creators to interact with their fans.

On AnimeCoin, art creators have all the tools to develop rare digital artwork and collectibles, whether anime or manga-based, which can then be sold directly to fans. Buyers can also sell or resell these digital artworks, creating a circular trend in which the assets are moving. The platform has also developed a system against counterfeiting, meaning AnimeCoin assets can’t be duplicated or forged.

The benefits of anime NFT fans are that they have true ownership over the rare pieces of these artworks and can also build a unique collection to show to the world. The platform is therefore working on a wallet that features integrated art exchange.

MADworld, another notable example of a Web3 platform

MADworld is yet another project aiming to expand the Japanese subculture of anime and manga. The company is focusing on already-published anime and has recently collaborated for Web3 experiences for Vampire in the Garden and Great Pretender. The plan is to release a series of NFTs and digital collectibles that would drop to increase fans’ interest in the anime creations again in the future. MADworld will work on projects for Ghost in the Shell and Fairy Tail, two of history’s biggest and most successful anime. They also intend to create a special system for fan engagement strategies to keep anime fans interested continuously in anime and manga.

MADworld has previously collaborated with anime studios, like WIT and Kodansha, to remake characters into vibrant personifications that mix with the Web3 experience.

Bottom line

The anime industry is one of the most extensive, considering its enormous fan base. But as the cryptocurrency sector is increasing, a niche target audience also demands anime-based coins or NFTs to complete the range of merchandise. With the help of anime studios and manga lovers, Web3 experiences and anime collectibles will expand and will be available for any otaku out there.

Marie Foster
Marie Foster
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