Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update

Recently Google’s Official, Gary Illyes at SMX East predicted the The Real Time update of Penguin Algorithm by the end of this year. In July, Gary Illyes gave the hint that they are almost complete and that Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update might be rolled out soon, may be in October. Today Dated October 2, 2015 some bloggers claimed that they have been penalized and as a result they are de-indexed from the Google. Some bloggers also said that there is a huge increase in traffic whereas some got a huge decrease in traffic.

Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update
Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update

What Penguin Algorithm Update Is?

Google first ever introduced the Penguin Algorithm Update in mid of the year in 2012 in April. The main purpose of this Penguin Algorithm was to capture the sites that were actually spamming in the Google search result, especially to catch the sites involved in purchasing links or acquiring links from the networks which were designed in the manner to boost Google rankings.

As the Penguin Algorithm is released, the ranking of the sites are boosted that took action to disavow spammmy links to get back to their rankings. In addition to this new sites which were not formerly captured by the Penguin Algorithm update might get caught by the new Penguin Algorithm Update.

What Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update Is?

The new kind of the Penguin Algorithm is called as the “Real Time” refers to the webmasters who disavowed their link will be processed by the Penguin Algorithm at the real time, which could help webmasters in quick recovery from google penalties. Simultaneously your website would now be more exposed to the Penguin penalty if it’s not been hyperlinked from the profitable sources.

Am I Hit With Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update?

How to actually know if you are hit with Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update. Firstly, check your Google Webmaster because Google sometimes reports the webmaster there. Whereas track your Google Search Related traffic, if you see a massive drop in your traffic then your site might be subjected to be penalized as the result of the Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update. If you have a rise in your traffic then you are heavily benefited from the Google Penguin Algorithm Update whilst you did not get any change in traffic then there is no impact of Penguin Update Algorithm on you.

Get a Recovery From Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update!

Since Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update targeted spam, now you must need to take action on any kind of spam you have. Though Google notifies the webmaster in Webmaster Central about any spam activity in some cases. So, that is why it is necessary you must verify your site in the Google Webmaster Central.

If you found any message from Google about any spam activity so without any confusion remove the spam that has been flagged to your site. If there is no message in Google Webmaster Central and nothing is being flagged and you think your site has been hit by Penguin Algorithm update then remove all spammy links manually. My opinion is to use the MOZ spam factor, if your any link spam score is 6 or above 6 then you must disavow that link.

Google Webmaster Central also supports the option for you to reconsider your site. Regardless of the reconsideration form, Google declares that the penalty is the algorithm automatic process, the person working for Google has noway in relation to sitting and spotting the spam and applying what’s called a manual penalty. This is the only reason Google told that reconsideration request wont work with Penguin penalty.

What If You Are Penalized Due To Penguin Algorithm, The Real Time Update By Mistake

You think Google penalized your site by mistake then there is a way you can give feedback on Google Webmaster Forum.

You must have a strong reason before claiming that Google has mistakenly penalized your site. Show them the examples of a search where your site has been previously listed. Tell them about your site and site’s quality.



Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


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