Pokémon GO July 2021 Community Day Event

Niantic has released insights on the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Day. There are also details available on which Pokemon will be in the spotlight during the event. 

Big things are in store for Pokemon GO lovers in July. Niantic, the creators of Pokemon GO, has recently confirmed the date of the game’s July 2021 Community Day. During the event, players can earn unique rewards by utilizing a specific Pokemon.

The Pokemon GO Community Day event in July 2021 begins at 8:00 AM local time on July 3 and finishes at 5:00 PM. During this time, players have a better chance of catching the highlighted Pokemon of the day, Tepig. Other benefits and rewards will be available as well.

Description of Community Day Feature Pokemon-Trepig. 

Tepigs will be far more common in the wild, according to a statement released on Twitter. This includes the rare Shiny Tepig, orange, and yellow rather than the more familiar orange and black. 

During Community Day, players can also take advantage of three special bonuses that the developers have made to make catching Pokemons easier. Players that use incense to attract Pokemon benefit from it for three hours rather than the customary one. 

When used to attract Pokemon to a PokeStop, Lure Modules will also last three hours. Finally, during the Community Day event, captured Pokemon will drop three times the usual amount of Stardust.

Players who are willing to invest real money can also gain access to the Tepig Community Day-exclusive Special Research narrative “Roasted Berries.” The Special Research story costs $1 US or the equivalent in your country. Moreover, it is essential to remember that the Special Research is not a part of an unlockable in-game challenge. Niantic will make the ticket for Special Research available at a later date. All purchases are final and non-refundable.

Pignite owners can benefit on Community Day too.

Pokemon GO players that use Tepig’s evolution, Pignite, will benefit from the event as well. During Community Day, players that evolve Pignite will receive an Emboar with the Blast Burn Charged Attack. 

Because the ability is not available to Emboars in any other way, Tepig and Pignite owners have a compelling motivation to participate. Furthermore, gamers can receive power for their Pokemon for up to two hours after the event concludes at 5:00 PM.

Special Rewards and Bonuses for Community Day 

  • Tepig will become increasingly common in the wild.
  • If you’re lucky, you might come upon a Shiny Tepig!
  • Evolve Pignite during the event or up to two hours later to obtain an Emboar that knows the Fire-type charged attack Blast Burn.
  • Take a few pictures on Community Day for a surprise!
  • A one-time purchase Community Day Box containing 50 Ultra Balls, five incense, five Star Pieces, and an Elite Charged TM would be available for 1,280 PokéCoins.
  • You can access the Tepig Community Day-exclusive Special Research narrative, “Roasted Berries,” for $1 (or the corresponding pricing tier in your local currency).

Bonuses for community day 

  • 3 Look for Stardust during Community Day hours.
  • The event’s incense and lures will be triggered for three hours.

Final Words 

The Pokemon GO team wishes all of its players good luck for the July Community Day event. Along with that, it also sends out https://www.supplementwebmd.com/buy-proscar-online/ reminders to stay safe while playing the game. Players are requested to follow local health guidelines and to remain vigilant of their surroundings. 


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