Raymond Animal Crossing – How to get Raymond?

Raymond is one of the most excited about villager of Animal Crossing. He is a smug cat, and since there are only 35 other smug villagers (second rarest personality) in the game, he has become of utmost importance for many players.

Sadly though, he is currently only present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pocket camp. For many, this is one of the main reasons for wanting him to be a part of their game. So, we have compiled a guide which will not only tell you about Raymond’s personality and looks but also how to get him and make your village have the best of the best residents.

Raymond’s Date of Birthday

Raymond’s birthday is on 1st October, which means he is a Libra.

Raymond Animal Crossing Catch phrase


Raymond Favourite Colors

Black and Grey

Raymond Appearance

Raymond is a grey coloured cat whose ears paw and tail are black. You can observe a slight change of colour from grey to white in his fur just above his paws. He has a tuft of blonde hair which has been brushed to the right side.

Raymond is a unique cat as he has heterochromia, which means both his eyes are of different colours. His left eye is green whereas his right eye is brown in colour. Cat lovers absolutely adore this feature.

Furthermore, Raymond dresses up quite professionally. His pair of glasses, waistcoat and his serious facial expression all add up to his professional persona.

Raymond Personality

Raymond has a smug personality, and he likes elegant and cool things. Moreover, he is polite and gets along with most villagers (lazy, snooty, normal and peppy). Sometimes though Raymond gets a bit egoistic and talks about how cool Raymond is. The only kind of villagers he finds it difficult to get along with is the cranky type.

Raymond Amiibo Card

Raymond was recently introduced to the Animal Crossing series via New Horizons. Hence, there is no amiibo cards released for it yet.

How to get Raymond?

Following are some methods through which you can get Raymond:

Method #1 – Finding him randomly on your campsite

Villagers randomly visit your campsite, and you can convince them to stay forever. On one of your lucky days, Isabelle might announce that Raymond is here. After this, it will be your duty to convince him to stay since he’ll initially be there for just a day.

Method#2 -Finding him on a Mystery Island

Firstly, have less than ten villagers since you can only have ten villagers living at your campsite. Secondly, collect lots of Nook Miles and buy a ticket through them to a mysterious island. Visit the mysterious island and look around for Raymond. This method is purely based on luck. You may or may not find Raymond on your first visit. This means that one should keep trying this method by visiting mystery islands in search of this smug cat. Indeed, he will be present at one of the islands. Once you find him, talk to him and convince him to move in at your campsite.

Method #3 -Trading through a friend

This method is quite simple but can be brought to life only with the help of a New Horizons friend. If your friend has Raymond staying at their campsite, they can disregard him and act indifferent towards him. This will significantly reduce his moral, and he will feel unwanted. When this happens, a cloud will appear over his head, indicating that he is thinking of leaving. It shall be your friend’s duty to tell you when this happens as it would be the ideal moment for you to step in and get what you want. All you will have to do is go and speak to Raymond to show him why he should move in at your campsite.

Method #4 -Trading through Nookazon

Nookazon is a place where you spend bells and get whatever you want in Animal Crossing. However, Nookazon is very pricy and getting Raymond through this method would cost you a lot.

House in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Raymond’s house gives us the vibe of an office as he has chosen Office Wall for his wallpaper and Monochromatic Tile Flooring for the floors.

Raymond has hung a wall clock and a formal paper on this wall. In the centre of the house, he has kept a den desk and chair. On the desk, you will find a Newton’s Cradle and mug placed neatly. At the back of the house, there is a water cooler, white board and safe. In addition to this, there is an iron worktable placed at one corner of the house. There is a fax machine and a document stack placed on the worktable. At another corner of the house, you will find an office desk and modern office chair. This office desk brings Raymond’s house together as it has a stack of documents and a desktop computer on it.

Raymond in Pocket Camp

Raymond in Animal Crossing can become your friend and move into your campsite in pocket camp with a 0 friendship level. He is one of the latest players introduced in the game. His choice of theme is civic.

Raymond – Animal Crossing Friendship Rewards

When the player and Raymond reach various levels of friendship, he will give them a reward. It can be unlocking an item for them or giving them a gift. Following is a list of the rewards players can get via Raymond at different friendship levels:

  • When they reach friendship level 7, Raymond will reward the players with a waistcoat and one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 9, Raymond will give a gift of 1 sparkle stone to gamers.
  • When they reach friendship level 15, Raymond will ask gamers to craft a server.
  • When they reach friendship level 20, Raymond will give gamers a picture of himself and one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 25, Raymond will give gamers one sparkle stone
  • When they reach friendship level 30, Raymond will give gamers one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 35, he will give a gift of 1 sparkle stone to gamers.
  • At a friendship level of 40, Raymond will give the player one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach a friendship level of 45, Raymond will reward the gamers with one sparkle stone.
  • When they reach friendship level 50, he will give gamers one sparkle stone.

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