SEO and PPC – Which Provides You the Better Value?


SEO and PPC are both marketing strategies that have the potential to help you with your business. SEO or search engine optimization ensures you’re visible in the search engines. PPC or pay-per-click campaigns are capable of getting you to where your audience is.

What are the Costs?

The cost for SEO and PPC vary based on how much you want to spend. As with anything, you could choose to spend a few dollars or you could choose to spend thousands of dollars. SEO strategies could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars with little to no return on investment if you’re not careful. This is because SEO involves keyword research. If you’re a small business and you’re competing for popular keywords, you’re up against large corporations with budgets much bigger than yours.

Generally, SEO will cost you as much as you want to spend to pay for keyword research, onsite optimization, backlinks, and other components. PPC will cost you per click. If you’re doing the research, PPC will provide you with the better ROI and you can maintain your budget based on how many clicks you actually want to receive.

Why PPC is the Better Option

When you are going to spend your marketing dollars on a strategy, PPC wins. You can determine where your ad will appear, what you will pay for each click to your website, and what your total budget is. Adwords management allows you to stay in control of it all so you can also analyze your spending to get the ROI that you desire.

It’s better to have an ad on a website where your target audience is likely to be. Your ad will show when they enter specific keywords. Then, if they click, you pay. If they don’t click, you don’t pay. If you have a limited budget each month, you can set it up so that the ad disappears once you have reached your allotted amount.

If you rely solely on search engine optimization, you’re expecting your site to appear on the search engine result pages. Your website might appear, but not on the first page. Even if it does, you still have to wait for people to click on your link in comparison to all of the other links that appear. The click-through rate isn’t going to be as high as you would like because of all the competition.

PPC allows you to focus more specifically on who your target audience is. You can have multiple ads, each targeting a different audience with different keywords. You spend your money more effectively and you can get the click-through traffic that you need.

Once you get the people to your site, it is then up to your on-site content to convert those visitors into customers. How you do that is up to you. SEO and PPC will both get people to the site, though you will find that PPC ads will lead people into the sales funnel much faster. With more people in the sales funnel, you convert people into paying customers, which is your end goal.

Rahis Saifi
There are two things Rahis Saifi is very passionate about, business and technology. In today's competitive business environment, you must understand how both business and technology work together. From his experience, many businesses fail because they do not understand how their business should implement the technology. He is also the chief editor at Open Sky News, MUSTips, The Important Enews his goal is to provide you with articles that will help make you a better entrepreneur and a successful business owner in this world of technology.


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