Sumo Paint – New Online Paint Tool which Made Easier to Edit and Draw Photos Online

Downloading and installing photo editing software has been a hectic task but Sumo Paint – a new online paint tool has made online painting and editing easier. There are a lot of online paint editors but among them I found Sumo Paint as the best online photo editor. What makes Sumo Paint best from other online painting websites are the features of this online software. However, you can also download Sumo Paint software. It would not be hard to say that Sumo Paint takes over the race of the search of online Microsoft Paint and Photoshop. And by the way, if you’re also looking for outstanding video editing services visit Ball Media Innovation’s video editing site.

10 Best Features of Sumo Paint that Made Editing Photos Online Easier

1. Brushes

Brushes are main component of any photo editing software but Sumo Paint has over 300 brushes which made this software super awesome. Another thing which made it distinct from other is that you can also make your own brush – the way you want.

2. Shape Tools

Sumo Paint is not like other painting programs which have limited shapes to draw with. There are number of shapes with which you can draw your drawing.

3. Gradient Editor

Ms Paint or a normal online image editor does not have the option to set gradient colours in the image but with Sumo Paint you can create any image with gradient effects.

4. Lightning Effects

Another fantastic feature which you normally do not find in any photo editor is lightning effect. With this you can add a lightening and shadow effect on your image and where ever you want.

5. Reflection

Reflection is the most common future of any paint program online or offline but the best part of Sumo Paint is that it gives you a reflection that seems to be reflected either through water or mirror. It gives a glossy look.

6. Sphere Designer

With this special feature you can draw a 3D sphere with different textures and you can also rotate them in the 3D space.

7. Blurring Effect

Another wonderful feature of this paint program online is none other then a blurring effect. It is the must feature of any photo editor. With this you can create motion effect and smooth the edges of any shape.

8. Cylindrical Images

Another cool and interesting feature which you hardly found in any online paint editor website is cylindrical images. You have pre made cylinder where you adjust any sort of image.

9. Spiral Gradient

This also an awesome feature which you usually do not see in any paint program online, so with this spiral gradient feature you can create any sort of image, like sea waves, beautiful flowers and much more.

10. 3D Brushes

3D brushes feature make this photo editor on the top of any other photo editor program available online. I personally liked this feature as well, because with this brush you can draw a 3D image.

In the End

Hope you like our review of a wonderful online photo editor ‘Sumo Paint’. This is the must photo editor online. Let us know when you use this tool and how you felt about this editor through comments.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


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