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Feeling bore and want to watch movies and TV shows online, Solarmovie and Solarmovie alternatives is one of the most platform. The site hosts a collection of movies and TV shows covering a wide range of genres such as comedy, action, drama and alot more with all videos available in HD quality.  Adding up to the popularity of Solarmovie, the fact that it is free of cost and does not require subscription or registration hassles. Moreover, the site not only allows users to stream movies but also provides downloading options. 

Apart from that, Solarmovie remains quite popular due to its worldwide availability. The site does not feature geographical limitations and can be used in multiple countries including India, Hong Kong, Thailand, France and Korea. 

Additionally, solarmovie also has a dedicated old movies collection. It allows users to select movies as per different genres and year of release making things considerably well managed.  Furthermore, there is a search engine feature which helps find links to movies and TV shows in HD quality. 

Sporting a user friendly interface site is undoubtedly one of the most popular movies and TV show streaming websites. However, the very popularity of this site has landed it in trouble. With censorship bans going around worldwide, this site is not available in various countries. Fortunately, there are various Solarmovie Alternatives available for users to stream online content such as:


With somewhat of a simple user interface, Rainierland is an online movie streaming website and the best Solarmovie Alternatives. The site hosts a spectacular library of a number of movies covering various genres. Additionally, for its users ease, there are recommendations available for anyone who might need assistance in coming up with a decision. Apart from that, it also allows users to sort movies through a “recently added ” option providing an opportunity to enjoy latest movies with ease.


This is another popular Solarmovie alternatives for online streaming of movies and TV shows. To ease up things for its users, the site provides filtering options, with filters available as ratings, genres, and year of release. Movie and TV show posters are available which feature movie ratings helping users decide movies as per ratings. The site also does not require registration but does feature pop-up ads which tends to get annoying. This site first came out as a torrent site but later converted into an online streaming website. 


Vumoo is famous for the high quality content it provides and graded as the best Solarmovie alternatives. Just like various other sites, it provides a wide library of movies and TV shows which comes around for free. At Vumoo you are also not bound to registrations. However, with registration there are certain advantages and there are unlimited movies and documentaries available to stream. For offline viewing there are downloading options available too but the drawback is that the site is not very organized in comparison to its competitors. 


Sporting a simple, decent and user friendly interface, this is a recently emerging online streaming website. The site hosts a vast library containing movies and TV shows of various genres. These videos are available in 720p and 1080p allowing users to conveniently choose how they want to stream. The content is indexed from various well known resources and there are multiple streaming alternatives.  Additionally, there are download options available for offline viewing with download locations typically available.  


This website is a complete animate copy of solarmovie. The site can almost be taken as a clone with only the colour scheme bearing somewhat of a difference.  The site contains every latest movie and TV show with its content listing bearing a stark resemblance to solarmovie in its streaming content. However, it has one useful and discriminating feature called the Night mode. This mode reverses colour scheme and makes it easy on user eyes, further allowing users to easily stream content in the dark without it proving to be damaging to the eyes. 


PrimeWire is one of the longest withstanding online content streaming sites available. It has been around for a considerable period of time for people to nickname it as the godfather of online streaming sites. Even the colours on this site have started to face and turn gray. However, this crumbling website hides a wealth of content for anyone who is willing to uncover. The one drawback is within the design which is considerably amateurish which may not sit very well with some users. 


As depicted by the very name of the website, it hosts a wide range of High Quality movies and TV for online streaming. Streaming videos are available in various qualities like 720p, 1080p, 350p, Bluray, CAM, DVD and alot more. The content is available for free and in many different languages. These movies and TV shows are further divided into various genres such as comedy, action, drama, etc. However, as there is no paid subscriptions, the site earns through showing ads over the sidelines and in between breaks. 

Yes Movies

Another free alternative to solarmovie, Yes Movies features high quality videos for streaming. These movies are divided into a country wise movies list with countries like Albania, Argentina, America, Samoa, Andorra, Afghanistan and Angola on the list. These Movies are further divided into categories like Action, Adventure, Biography, Drama, Documentaries, Comedy, Animation etc. Yes Movies is quite a wonderful alternative who is in search of a quality time in streaming movies. The content goes on streaming without any buffering hindrances which may spoil the show. However, you may also see some non-intrusive advertisements on the borderline too.


Sporting a simple, sleek and relatively nice user interface, 10Movies remains to be a popular alternative to solarmovie. This is primarily due to its impressively large collection of movies which continually faces updates with the latest content. The site also has a dedicated TV show collection and allows users to stream content in High Quality. These movies and TV shows are sorted into genres for convenient searches. With a ton of other interesting features to offer, 10Movies serves to be a great alternative to Solarmovie. 


123Movies provides a simple and easy to use user interface. The designs are sleek and don’t muddle up anyone who visits it for the first time. Moreover, the popularity of the site is due to the massive library of movies an dTV shows it hosts. Along with hosting an impressive collection of English movies, there are various other countries available too such as the United Kingdom, France, USA, South Korea, India, Japan and Germany. 123Movies, come cost free with movies divided into various genres for ease.

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