Time to Secure Your iPhone Data and here’s How You Can Do

Since a previous week, the technology circle has been surrounded by the deadlock between the Apple and the FBI over the data security and a court order that raised the reason to secure your iPhone Data.

Although this conflict seems to be ending after a latest exposes that the Apple phone might have been wiped in any case. That is the reason you must consider securing your iPhone data.

Secure Your iPhone Data
Secure Your iPhone Data

Steps to Take to Secure your iPhone Data

Lock Code

iPhone lock code consists of six digits, if these numbers are selected sensibly then due to thousands of possible combination, it is tough to decode, and you can find the suitable way to protect your iPhone from most threats.

The primary security feature of Apple is that all those passwords combinations in lock code must be tried on the phone. So, it is not possible to attach the device to a system and decode the passcode using brute force. All password combination has to be entered in phone manually.

The additional feature increases an interval to for each attempt. Like if you guess the password wrong for the four times, it will be delayed for one minute, similarly then for five minutes, fifteen minutes and ultimately for an hour.

Another feature is to select Erase Data option, but it’s a bit nutty because it can wipe all your data, and it has to be turned on. Go to Settings then in Touch ID & Passcode and you will find an option that reads Erase Data enable it.

By selecting this feature, the hacker has only ten attempts to guess the password correct. In case, of ten wrong attempts all the data in the phone will be wiped off.

Erase Data
Erase Data

These were the features which court ordered Apple to develop a new firmware. In case, Apple developed the new operating system them it would provide access to FBI and will easily guess all possible combinations of a passcode in a day. However, you can make your passcode more strong and complicated by creating longer passwords by including alphanumeric. To create a password with alphanumeric go to Settings then in Touch ID & Passcode then press Change Passcode, here you will find the option to select custom alphanumeric code.

A 12-digit password created with numbers, letters and special characters will take millions of years to decode using currently available techniques. Even becoming worthless for FBI to bypass the password.

Passcode Options
Passcode Options

Disable Touch ID

It has been advised that the passcode with your fingerprint sensor is not a safe approach to unlocking your phone since many of the YouTube videos demonstrated that fingerprint can easily be bypassed through a single plastic card. So, you must consider disabling it. To disable Touch ID go to Settings then press Touch ID & Passcode and then disable all that uses Touch ID.

Touch ID
Touch ID

Disable Automatic Backups

Backing up your data on iCloud is not secure. As your files are saved on Apple servers with non-encryption, that means Apple can easily access it and after the court orders to Apple to hand over the files to agencies when required makes it more important to not to back up your data on the iCloud. Instead of using iCloud make backups of your iPhone using iTunes but still it is not the secured method. And before backing up make sure that you check the box to encrypt the backup.

Encrypt iPhone Backup
Encrypt iPhone Backup


The steps mentioned are all sensibly straightforward modifications will help you to secure your iPhone data, and they are also going to keep away attackers from your phone. You also need to avoid third-party apps. As possible threats and vulnerabilities are only be exposed as a result of these applications.

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to innovation and future technologies but the passion keeps him in this field.


  1. Spying on a phone is hard right now, but as you mentioned an iPhone can be hacked when we backup our data. Thank you for sharing this useful info.


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